Hexapod Haiku Contest 2021

Once again, the Frost Entomological Museum at Penn State is proud to sponsor our annual Hexapod Haiku Contest. The submission period for this year's contest is now open!

Ever flip a log and watch millipedes scurry away? Or seen a bumble bee buzz a flower? Have you ever opened a bag of flour, only to discover it’s infested with tiny beetles? These moments are perfect inspirations for writing haiku.

Who can participate: Anyone in the world who draws joy from poetry, insects and their relatives, or all of the above! Submissions from all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

WhatSubmissions should be haiku inspired by insects (or spiders or millipedes or other related arthropods).

Haiku are brief poems that capture a moment in time and are thus written in the present tense. These brief poems generally have 10-15 syllables and three or fewer lines. They strive to celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, and often create meaning through a juxtaposition of two parts.

When: Submission period is now closed.

How: Entries should be unpublished work and submitted. Submissions limited to 3 haiku per person.

Entry Fee: None!

Bonus: All the winners will be featured on the museum’s blog and social media (twitter & instagram).

We can't wait to read your submissions!

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.

Need help writing haiku? The website Graceguts has a great article that will help you get started. The Heron's Nest also has a wealth of wonderful haiku in its archives that you can read to become more familiar with this form of poetry.

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See below for the winning haiku from last year's Hexapod Haiku Contest....
2020 haiku laureates from the 12 & Under age category
2020 haiku laureates from the 13 & older category