Paul Rand The Best in The Business

Paul Rand is known as one of the greatest graphic designers to ever live. He designed logos that we see everyday like, IBM, ABC, UPS and thats only a few.

This is the original logo for UPS that was made in 1961 by Rand
The IBM logo is probably Rands most famous peace of work that he created in 1962.
The ABC logo was made in 1962 and the one we see today still uses the same basic design that Rand created years ago.
"Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations." ~Paul Rand

The reason that I chose to make this assignment about Paul Rand is because there is a lot to be said about his work. The fact that the IBM logo was designed in 1962 and is still used today is impressive. He also helped design Apple's logo which is also one of his most famous designs. Last, Rand is an influential designer and his work will continue to be important to all designers for years to come.

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