In my life time Jaharia Bellamy

Abtebellum SC

Hey, my name is jahariabellamy I was born August 20,1850and I'm a slave. I'm from the south and my life is very hard all I do from the time I wake up to the the time I go to sleep is cook, clean, work the feilds and watch my family be taken away from me and many more being taken from Africa.

Election of Abraham Lincoln and SC response

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became president I was very curious and afraid about what he would do listening to my master he was having a loud conversation and I heard that a man named Abraham Lincoln became president he said we left the union I heard many things that night and in my opinion Abraham was trying to help the slaves be free but my master was not pleased with that's was afraid with what my master would do if he caught me listening.

They needed man to fight the war

1860-1865 a civil war happened my master was rushing and yelling and he was talking to his wife April 12,1861 their was an attack on ft sumpter they had some of us slaves fighting and many of us died and nobody really cared the he said the state started to question

emancipation proclamation

January 1,1863 the emancipation proclamation was past as far as I know is it is by President Lincoln freeing slaves in all portions of the United States not then under Union control. It was the first step to abolishing slavery I wasn't happy but I was great full that some of the people in slavery was able to live their lives freely.

when reconstruction begins the killing of the african american population started.

In 1869 the 13th amendment abolished slavery we are really free and get to live than a we year later the .14th amendment gave us equal rights and then another year later the 15th amendment gave us and other different kinds of people the right to vote. we was able to do all these thing as so we thought we was. The people killed my father over a vote and they got away with it like always. we was still discriminated and not treated like the others.

After the civil war in 1865-1877 Abraham Lincoln started planing for a reconstruction. i learned that reconstruction means the rebuilding of something so he was trying to rebuild the south. Lincoln made a plan that was based on forgiveness proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction in 1863. congressional republicans wanted to kill ex-slaves. this was a problem on our behave because we have to pay a price for something we didn't even want to happen or start.

After the civil war in 1865 the U.S. federal government agency established to aid the freed man in the South during Reconstruction. We where starting to feel like we are safe and nothing can get in our way of being who we are we had food, clothes, housing, medical aid, and schooling. carpetbaggers and scalawags too advantage of us including the whites now we where just a poor state and that didn't stop the whites from harming us.

Since we got free i have being learning thing that will help me. i learned there are 6 other constitutions and the South wasn't happy with post civil war changes written in 1868 state constitution. South Carolinas state governor Ben Tillman called for an convection that pushed the state constitution of 1895. this constitution was written by the provincial government to serve as a foundation for governments until the disagreements was resolved.

1877-1879 Wade Hampton the 3rd come from an wealthy planter family. According to some missing African Americans the KKK, Rifeman, and the red shirts are at it again. All they wanted to do was kill all African Americans they would beat, burn alive and threaten us to do as they please. And not just to us African Americans to immagrants too because they don't look or talk like them. I have been trying to save money to start a new life where rastism isn't alive.

In 1890 we got a new governor his name was Benjamin he considered his self a true populist but that's not true as everyone can see. Anyway he was an politician of the Democratic Party who was governor of South Carolina form 1890-1894 and senator from 1895 to his death in1918.the current constitution took effect on December 4,1895. An disenfranchisement happened after the precontruction Era based on a series of laws and coonstituions Clemson was made a White's only college and SC state a all black college.

In1892 a populist party organized in st.louis to represent the common folk especially farmers against the entrenched of railroads bankers, processors, coporatations and politicians league. A farmers organization formed in1867. They advocated government control on monopolies Ingres of farmers and labor. They also like the labor movement to work sight ours a day.

In 1895, Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation on the United States enacted after the reconstruction period. Plessy Vs.ferguson a landmark constitutional law case of the US Supreme Court. KKK was still around making things worse than they are because of these laws the United States suffered.

In 1886, natural disasters happened due to the, happening we lost crops, and many lost jobs, homes, and family members. The earthquake of 1886 happened in Charleston it took lives and destroyed towns and knocked trains off their tracks.the hurricane of 1893 happened on August 27th aka the sea islands hurricane hit the United States by Savanna Georgia 1-3 major hurricanes.

In 1890, during the progressive Era it was a period of widespread social activists and political reform across the United States. The Theodore Roosevelt jr. was an American States an who served as the 26th president of the United States. A reform movement that aims to make gradual change or change in certain aspects of society.

In 1914, their was and world war going on the United States wanted to stay neutral during this whole thing, but the unrestricted warfare cause many Americans to lose their lives. The sinking of the Lusitania made America mad but we still remained neutral. The zimmer man telegram stated that Mexico would attack the United States in return for Texas back. This woulda done been bad us because Mexico is our boreder country These events made the United States join the war in 1917.

In 1920 was known as an age of dramatic social and political change. More Americans lived in cites than on farms for once in the SC history. In January 1920, the 18th amendment to the constitution took effect in prohibition the manufacture transport and sale alcohol in America. A silent slim from the 1915s was made about the south during and after ten civil war it had a highly controversial for it protrayal of African Americans and this depicted the KKK as the hero and the author wrote about the African Americans called better jobs and opportunities resulted in violence and discrimination. And the Harlem renaissance it was a way to see the African Americans culture or every whites and blacks dance together in the south though in the 1920s new inventions where made other than the train known as Automobiles it help transport people faster and easier.

In 1929 during this time I was still very poor due to my job loss th money I had in my bank account was gone due to the shortage of food many wasn't as lucky as me but I tried. One day my sister was coming back from voting and a drunk man killed her over nothing but alcohol influence.

That last sentence couldn't come fo me because I'm dead obviously so I had to put it as my sister talking about my death

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