Advert Anaylsis By zoe lawrence

Advert 1

Alan Rusbridger, the editor of The Guardian, wanted to communicate the paper's "open journalism" approach, which emphasises the exchange of ideas from reader to reporter to reader, with the goal of bringing about change.

Persuasive Technique: Shock and Humour

Shock: The persuasive technique that was used was shock due the concept of the advertisement created "disturbed surprise" because of the story-line (the pigs, blowing up the wolf) is not the traditional story. The advert also included hyperbole through the use of the fairy tale in "real life".

Humour: Humour is also used due to idea that "the three pigs" have committed a "huge" crime that everyone is going crazy about.

Advert 2

Persuasive Technique: Sex

Sex was used as a persuasive technique because the exposing body parts and the use of attractive people .

I think it was a bad advert as the concept of working out and drinking beer. Drinking beer to celebrate a work out does not link well due to the idea that they contradict themselves.


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