Who's on Drugs? By:Morgan Pitkin

Larry Rueben is a 24 year old man who lives in Vernon, CT. He graduated high school and couldn’t find a steady job for a couple years, but has worked at Cumberland Farms for the past three years.

Five years ago, Larry’s dad lost his battle to cancer that was caused by his smoking addiction. He got really depressed and started hanging out with bad crowds. They got him to try smoking cigarettes. Although he knew it was bad for him, he did it anyway. His health started declining so he needed to quit smoking so he wouldn’t end up like his dad.

His friends suggested chewing tobacco and he got addicted to the nicotine even more. Now, Larry can’t run as fast as he used to and has constricted blood vessels. His teeth are starting to decay and he doesn’t like his appearance anymore. He is struggling with his depression even more now.

Ever since his mom found out about his addiction she won’t talk to him until he quits. Larry got fired from his job after he was caught chewing tobacco on the clock. Without his job, paying $30 a week for tobacco is really hard. Larry has to chew his tobacco after every meal on his front porch.

Larry is trying to better himself though. He’s going to meetings to help him quit and his doctor prescribed him drugs to help. Larry has learned that chewing alternatives also help like gum or chewy foods. He is on a five year plan and hopes to recover from his addiction in 2020.


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