The Bigger Things in Life By: martha heaps

What is happiness to you? Or, how do you define happiness? Happiness is the feeling that I am content with the impact I am making on the community around me and society. It is my opinion that one cannot define happiness because I believe that it is different for every person, and that it can change over time. What makes me happy now will not necessarily be what makes me happy 30 years down the road, but as long as I can be open and aware to what it is that gives me that satisfaction, I can find happiness.
What will make you think you are a successful person? What makes me think I am a successful person in life is when I have harmony and balance in my life. There are so many different aspects of my life that are important to me, such as faith, sports, school and family but what is most important in these is finding a balance. I believe they are all intertwined and work together to make me feel successful overall, but having them in harmony is most important to my life.
What is the role that suffering plays in life? I think suffering plays a very important role in teaching me lessons in life. Without suffering, I cannot appreciate everything that I have. I am very lucky to not have suffered too much in life, but the times that I do show me how important it is to be thankful for the good things I have. It also gives me the ability to empathize. When I suffer, it is easier to appreciate those who must suffer on a daily basis, and gives light to the importance of empathizing with them, understanding their pain and suffering.

What does it mean to say that like is meaningful and how is this achieved? To say that life is meaningful is to say that there is more importance to just existing on earth and then ascending into heaven. There is a fundamental difference in being only physically present on earth and being emotionally present as well. I think this is achieved by contributing to the society around you. What you do for others can help to outline the meaning of your own life, and how you chose to interpret and act on that is up to you.

"Instead of contemplating what we've lost right now, it's time to help our people consider what is gained in times of sorrow—community, solidarity, time for solitude, inspiration for innovation." - Heather Georgoudiou

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