Crystal Methamphetamine By Bintia dennog

Systematic Name for Methamphetamine: N-methyl-phenypropan-2-amine

Molecular Name: C10H15N

Crystal Methamphetamine, more known as Crystal Meth, is a strong and very addictive drug. The most important ingredient in the man-made drug can either be ephedrine or psuedoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is often used against congestion while ephedrine is used as a cough medicine. Crystal meth is usually colourless

Crystal Meth is made, so that when taking it, it gives you pleasure. Users of Crystal Meth have also said that it gave them confidence or more energy. A chemical inside the drug called Dopamine gives out the pleasurable feeling and gives out a rush that is highly addictive. The more drug tolerance you have, the harder it is to get high and you require a higher dosage of it.

Side effects from this drug that your body temperature gets warmer, which can lead to death. People who have taken this drug have said, that it made them feel anxious, confused or has even made them more aggressive and moody. Crystal Meth also changes your sleep cycle and can lead to insomnia. Your appearance will also suffer, making you look older, your skin will look terrible and your teeth start to rot. Also, you have a higher risk to be infected with HIV or AIDS.

Crystal Methamphetamine is a man made drug, that is often made in huge amounts in Mexico or America. This drug has existed for many years, since around World War 2, where it was used to keep soldiers more awake and alert. The exact year Methamphetamine was invented was 1919, by the Japanese.

Crystal Meth users can either smoke it , eat it, snort it into their nose or inject it into them with a needle. The drug then affects their Central Nervous System.

Methamphetamine is also legally used against obesity or depression.

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