BERIAH MAGOFFIN April 18, 1815 – February 28, 1885


  • He was the 21st govenor of Kentucky but he was the FIRST Kentucky govenor in the Civil War.
  • He has been in office for 7 yrs, but they were is different positions.
  • Govenor of Kentucky: 1859-1862
  • Member of the Kentucky House of Representatives: 1867-1869
  • Member of the Kentucky Senate: 1850
  • A county in Kentucky was name after him in his honor.

Trying to keep neutrality

In April 15, 1861 President Abraham Lincoln asked Governor Magoffin if he would sen troops over to him. Beriah Magoffin replied in a telegraph (down below)

"I will send not a man nor a dollar for the wicked purpose of subduing my sister Southern States."

With this being said, the Confederate Secretary of War LeRoy Pope Walker thought he had a chamce. He asked Magoffin and he refused the offer.

Govenor Magoffin sent a letter to recognize and respect Kentucky's neutrality to President Lincoln and Confederate Secretary of War LeRoy Pope Walker.

In September 1861, the federal and Confederate entered Kentucky. Governor Magoffin found them guilty of violating Kentucky's neutrality. He as ordered them both to leave the state. The legislature just ordered the Confederates to leave. Governor Magoffin tried vetoed the act but it has been overridden.

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