Eye Cancer Spencer Lewis

Eye Cancer: a cancer that forms abnormal tissue in or around the eye

What happens to the cells: The cancer cells start in the eye. Then they crowd the healthy cells. This makes it hard for the eye to work the way it should.

What part of the body does it affect: Orbit (eye socket), Adnexa, Iris, Ciliary Body, Choroid

What genes are mutated: GNAQ is a mutated gene it leads to unregulated growth of melanocytes and it causes 45% of eye cancer cases. BAP1 is also a mutated gene and it increases a persons chance of getting eye cancer.

Symptoms for eye cancer: trouble seeing, losing part of the visual of field.

Environmental or health factors that can cause cancer: People with the BAP1 gene are more likely to get cancer. Sunlight exposure the more you are exposed to the Sun the higher chance of getting eye cancer.

Can the Cancer be inherited: eye cancer can be passed down from family members. Families with BAP1 mutated gene are more likely to get it.

What can be done to prevent the cancer: to prevent the cancer you can see a doctor so the eye cancer can be checked up on, also wearing sunglasses to protect there eyes from the sun.

How is the cancer treated: people go through surgery to help their eye cancer where their eye is removed through a process called enucleation. Then they have to live the rest of there life with no eye or a prosthetic eye. Also some patients go through radiation to shrink the tumor in the eye to help the cancer go away.

How is the cancer diagnosed: Eye cancer is diagnosed by running a MRI, Ultrasound, CAT scan and X-RAY. These are all diagnostic test that can show you where and how large the cancer cells are.

How many and what type of people are likely to get it: eye cancer is common for adults over the age of 50. Also people with lighter colored skin are more likely to get eye cancer. This year 3,000 adults have been diagnosed with it.












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