Cedar Valley High 2019 Stakeholder's Report

Come, fly with us!

Principal's Message

Welcome to Cedar Valley High School, home of the Aviators! CVHS is a unique high school that is unlike any other.

When students first walk into the school, they are met by the Wright Brother’s aircraft. As eyes settle down across the commons, students view the F22 that appears to be landing through the large library window. Forty-five airline seats and aviation details are carefully placed throughout the school. Checkerboard features in the gym (“The Hangar”) and football field (“The Runway”) are reminiscent of the markings used for Allied aircraft in WWII.

All these items were designed to inspire our students and provide them a constant physical reminder that they can create and pursue their dreams. Likewise, we want our students to see the that STEM content areas can help transpire greatness.

Step 1: Build the right team

At Cedar Valley, we built a team of dedicated professionals, each excelling in their individual domain, and each dedicated to student success.

We work to ensure each member of our faculty and staff are equipped to reach their next level so our students can reach theirs.

Step 2: Build the Vision

We broke frozen ground on February 28, 2017. Once construction began, it was time to create the vision. We needed a name . . . we needed a mascot . . . we needed our colors.

Our naming committee met and went through the submissions received from community members and narrowed it down to three options. Then the school board made the final choice. Cedar Valley Aviators became official.

Once we knew we were officially aviators, we were able to fly!

Step 3: Share the Vision

This summer the faculty and staff had the opportunity to take a retreat to Timp Lodge near Sundance. We entered as strangers and left as a family. We all caught the vision of reaching our "next level" so we can help our student reach theirs.

Grand Opening Celebration

Students' first glimpse at the Wright Flyer

Our grand opening celebration was an epic day. Student Council and Flight Crew worked tirelessly to prepare the school for the grand opening. They cleaned windows, decorated, they learned to drive golf carts, they were tour guides, and they took care of our huge list of dignitaries. Helicopter companies around the state donated time and money to be at our event. They flew in several of our dignitaries and then had their helicopters on display for the community to see. All of our performing arts groups performed . . . and school hadn't even started yet. There were carnival booths and a climbing wall.

All of this in an effort to let the community know we are here for them. This is OUR high school. The entire community of the Cedar Valley--Eagle Mountain, Cedar Fort, and Fairfield--can join us in reaching their next level.

Photo Credit: Becky Jones

Step 4: Engage in the Vision

On August 20, 2019 we opened our doors and began this great journey to excellence. Here are some of the steps we've taken:

Utah Land Trust Fund

The School Community Council at Cedar Valley High School is an advisory board composed of parents and school employees committed to school success. We create school action plans and direct funding to areas of greatest academic need as we strive to improve student academic performance. We welcome your attendance at our meetings and hope you might consider running for an open position in the spring. Please see the Cedar Valley website for meeting dates, times, and agendas. -Wendy Ford


Cedar Valley will achieve a graduation rate of 92% or higher at the end of the 2019/20 school year and prepare students for post high school opportunities.

Action plan:

  1. Jet Time journals
  2. Hire student advocates to build connections with at risk students. According to Gates Foundation research, the single greatest factor in helping students reach graduation is for students to have a connection with an adult in the building.
  3. Reduce class sizes by purchasing an extra period from teachers.
  4. Technology: purchasing laptops and Chromebooks.
  5. Professional development opportunities for teachers


Category: Salaries and Employee Benefits

Student advocates, intervention specialists, summer collaboration days for teacher teams, guided studies aide, class size reduction for classes.

Estimated Cost $198,000

Category: Technology Related Hardware/Software

Mobile computer labs for classroom teachers and our intervention program.

Estimated Cost: $10,000

Including council members, meeting schedules, agendas, meeting minutes.

Parents are always welcome to attend these meetings.

Our PTSA Parent Engagement:

Message from our PTSA President, Brigitte Reall

The Cedar Valley PTSA started off the school year with a 85% full staffed board. We had a booth set up for the school's opening day celebration selling fleece blankets embroidered with the school's logo & PTSA's logo. We also accrued 200+ memberships. We sold these blankets at football games as a fundraiser. We also started the student section of the PTSA and had a doughnut fry explaining the vision of them having a voice for their school. They get to meet with their principal to help improve the school. As a board we have fed the teachers a meal twice now as they have had two parent teacher conferences. We are so excited as a PTSA to involve all aspects of Parent Teacher and Student to help make Cedar Valley High School the very best it can be!

Next Level Skills: Jet Time

Our JetTime Program is designed to help everyone practice habits of high performance that will raise each individual higher and will make our community one of innovation, connection, and caring.

The PRIMARY GOAL is to make sure that each student will be noticed and cared for. The SECONDARY GOAL is for students to develop skills that will help them create/feel competence in the intellectual, social, and emotional components of a high school environment.

Words taken from a survey on what the students like about Jet Time.

Why Cedar Valley?

As a parent of CVHS, I personally appreciate that the ballroom staff goes the extra mile for their students, and it makes a huge difference in their life, both academically and personally! It’s a beautiful school, but without stellar staff it's just another new school. -Rocio Wilde

Here at Cedar Valley, I have more opportunities than I think I have ever been given. There is not a teacher here that doesn't want to help me succeed; the atmosphere here given by the teachers and admin make me want to come to school every day. I have so much fun here and I wouldn't give it away for anything. --Jesse Roberts, senior.

I love all of the love at CVHS. I have so many students who yell, "I love you, Garity!" Every time they see me and I turn with a smile and tell them I love them too. Then they always turn to their friends with huge smiles! -Becca Garity

Student Engagement

The leadership committee at CVHS is exploring ways to involve students in decision-making processes. The first initiative is to involve students in redesigning the ACT prep program in an attempt to make it more accessible, effective, and scalable. The committee believes that ACT prep will be at its best when administration, teachers, parents, and students work together to design it around their respective needs and situations.

Team Pages


CVHS Varsity Cheer is such a fun program to be a part of. We love supporting our school, sports teams, performing groups, and our community. We love to bring school spirit and pride to all of our events! Go Aviators!

Cross Country

The Cedar Valley Cross Country team had a fantastic first season. Both boys and girls teams qualified for the state championships by placing in the top 6 teams at our region meet. Every single runner improved their time from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. All of the runners are hard working, positive, kind, and dedicated. They really embody what it means to be an Aviator, and they will continue to do great things!


"We had a great summer and fall season and are looking forward to our first official spring season. The boys have been working hard and are excited to start a tradition of Aviator Baseball". Go Fly Boys!!!


CVHS Boys Golf got things off to a great start. The team finished first in Region X, winning the schools first region title. Caden Dunn claimed the individual region championship. The team also finished 3rd in the state tournament and had three players earn all-state honors.


Girls Tennis

Our first season as a tennis team went great! The first ever tennis team at Cedar Valley was filled with freshmen and sophomores who experienced being on a competitive high school team for the first time and improved their techniques in our short season. We had one girl qualify for state and had more girls who made it fairly far in regions. One thing we were known for, and something that we pride ourselves on, is how nice these girls are off the courts, but how driven/aggressive their technique is on the courts. We are so excited to see how this team will grow and improve over the next few years. Our hopes for next year are to get more girls qualified for the State tournament and to go even further in regions. We also hope to continue to improve and show the state that we are the team to beat! --CAITLYN EAKINS

Boys Tennis

With Spring fast approaching, several boys are preparing for boys tennis at the end of February. Coach Hampton is excited to build a team that will fiercely compete at state. But, Coach Hampton wants much more than a state championship! He wants to build the type of character in these boys that will last their whole life. "If I can instill integrity, hard work, and discipline in these young men, they will go so much further in life than any championship". --Bob Hampton

Girls Soccer

The Cedar Valley Girls Soccer team had an amazing year finishing 12-5 on the year and getting to the State Quarter Finals in their first year. Along with this achievement, the girls finished second in the region taking it to the last came against Ogden to decided the eventual region champions. Highlights of the season involves Sophomore Presley Devey being 4A Top Goalscorer with 40 goals in the season, 15 ahead of the next top scorer in the state. The Aviators also beat fellow 4A schools with scores of 7-2, 5-0 and the biggest win of all was a 2-1 win against eventual state champions Ogden. Coach Hart is super proud of his girl soccer team and can't wait to see what the future holds for these young ladies. --Mitchell Hart


The football season was a great success. The team was able to win 5 games including homecoming and a playoff game. The 5 wins were 4 more than the 3 other first year schools won combined this year. We were also only the 4th first year school to host and win a playoff game. We were able to put lots of points on the board and recorded two shutouts on the season defensively. We believe we started a good foundation for future Aviators football. --Weston Zabriskie


Boys Basketball

The boys basketball team has come a long way since we, as a coaching staff, first met them last spring at some simple open gyms. We are extremely grateful for the type of character that they possess. As a boys basketball program we have a cum. GPA of 3.5! They are students first and foremost and athletes second and we are pleased that they have taken this to heart. On the physical side of things, we have challenged our team to compete against the best the state has to offer. In many spring, summer and fall tournaments we were often the only 4A team in the field, competing only against 6A schools. We have done very well! As our season is now under way, we have continued that same plan. Our preseason schedule is littered with 5A and 6A schools to test our team to the fullest and they have stepped up to the challenge. At time of printing we hold a record of 3-1 with only 2 more preseason games, both against larger schools. Our boys are smart, disciplined, and motivated. The very things that make Cedar Valley Aviators as a whole, the place to be!


Cedar Valley Girls Volleyball represented the Aviator spirit well in play this year. We were so grateful for our athletes who brought different skills to court and rounded off our team with multi-faceted drive. With almost 40 girls, we really made a diverse family. Cedar Valley Girls Volleyball received a team award for Academic All-State, we had several players make honorable mention for the Utah All-Valley Team and several players selected for First, Second and Honorable Mention teams for Region 10. Way to go ladies! -- Coach Whitney

Performing Arts

Dance Company

Dance Company is doing amazing things in their inaugural year. They have performed at many football games, assemblies, concerts, community events, and the Shakespeare Festival. At the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Dance Company won 1st place in the Cambridge Division with their ensemble entitled, "Verse in the Waves," this is an amazing accomplishment for a first year team. They will be putting on the first Dance Department Concert entitled "Reimagined," in December and look forward to continuing grow perform as a team.


CVHS choirs' theme this year is:

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” --Maya Angelou

We strive to be our best every day, but always allow room for growth!


Drama has been working hard this first year to create some amazing work. Our students scored straight "superiors" and" excellents" at their first Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City in October. In November they produced their first mainstage musical, "Catch Me If You Can." The students have also been working hard producing all of the other auditorium events, including concerts, and meetings. The students are excited for the two remaining shows this year, and are going to continue to do amazing hings.

Cedar Valley Ballroom Team

Cedar Valley Ballroom consists of three separate teams: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman Team. Our students strive to find the synergistic balance between high levels of technical proficiency, self motivation, and commitment to team membership. These skills will transfer to their social well-being, academic success, and anything else our students might pursue throughout their lives. At a recent competition, the Pleasant Grove Dancesport Invitational, we took home three first place trophies in team events, as well as several high place marks in individual events. At BYU Fall Dancesport, Cedar Valley Ballroom won the team match event.

Crimson Regiment

The Cedar Valley Crimson Regiment Marching Band has had a very successful inaugural season. With 69 student members, a fantastic staff, and an army of parent volunteers, the Crimson Regiment practiced countless hours, performed Pre-game and Pep Band at all home Football Games, attended 5 regular season competitions, and toured to St. George for their State Championships and Bands of America Regional Championships. The Crimson Regiment finished second in our 4A Region as a first year band, but more importantly, they worked hard and showed consistent improvement and achieved a high standard of excellence. We are so proud of our Crimson Regiment students and staff!


The orchestra at CVHS is off to a great start. They played at the ribbon cutting of our grand opening. They continue to work toward other performance opportunities--each chance a time for students to excel.

Drill Team

Cedar Valley Drill Team, known as the Aviettes, has started the year by performing at many fun school events including helping start a school tradition with the cheerleaders, Dance Company and band of pre-game performances and have performed at Football Halftimes, Assemblies and a halftime for Real Salt Lake. The Drill Team is currently preparing for their competition season beginning in December! As a team, we are so excited for competition season to kick off and cannot wait to see what we can accomplish in our inaugural season!

Winter Guard

The Cedar Valley Crimson Colorguard also known as the CVCC had a wonderful fall season with our crimson regiment, performing in parades, Half-tim shows and Competitions. We are so excited to kick off our Indoor season with the Utah Colorguard Circuit. Our first Year we have two teams ranging in grade levels from 5-12. Our Varsity team is excited to compete at the Salt Lake WGI regional this coming February 29,2020. Our Junior team is excited to learn and grow as we build our program. Our teams stand at a solid 34 members strong! And we cannot wait to see where our inaugural year takes us!

We continue to improve our skills, and build our traditions by joining Band during pep band. season this year, and sharing our talents with everyone, every chance we get!

Student Opportunity

Student Council

Student Council has started their inaugural year by demonstrating strong leadership and a desire to start new and exciting traditions. They have put on a stag dance, Homecoming, and will be hosting Sadies on November 16th. They created a new event, "Trick or Treat the Terminals" in which they invited the community to come trick-or-treat here at CVHS. They worked with many clubs and programs to decorate classrooms, dressup, and interact with kids in the community in what hope to become and long standing CVHS tradition. In recent weeks they have made a strong effort to reach out to all students, to share their love, and support to them. They worked to let them know that as their student leaders, they are more than party planners, but a support in times of need. CVHS StuCo is here for students, faculty, and the Cedar Valley community!

Life Flight

Life Flight is a peer to peer leadership and suicide prevention class. Students are trained in building happiness, resilience as well as suicide awareness and prevention. We have a class presidency that helps lead the class activities, Instagram page, well-being campaigns and suicide awareness presentations. The students are all expected to participate in the mental health run fundraiser and group service project.

Flight Crew

Flight Crew has taken flight with 12 members and has currently served the CV Administration and Athletic teams in a variety of events from the Grand Opening to all home athletic events. The Crew receives real life experience in planning events, working with leadership and budget guidelines. The Flight Crew is passionate in making events at Cedar Valley High School the best there is in the state! -Sharon Mardesich


The Prostart class is busy preparing all sorts of dishes for different groups of people. We recently had the opportunity to make appetizers for the Principles of the Cedar Valley cluster. We also got to attend a ProStart training where the students learned how to fabricate a chicken and got to perfect their knife skills. ProStart is also preparing cinnamon rolls and cookies that they sell at Charlie Victor bakery. There is never a dull moment in the Cedar Valley ProStart class. -Amie Peterson

National Honor Society

Cedar Valley National Honors Society is beginning its inaugural year. We just completed our application process and will soon be working in full force! We are excited to work with our service-oriented students to connect them with the needs of the community!

Skybound: Media

Skybound aims to tell the stories of Cedar Valley, covering student life and activities, sports, community events, and academics. We feature as many students in our show as possible, and try to create a feeling of school pride and belonging with entertaining and insightful media. Check us out at here:


We strive to give our students a hands-on learning experience as they develop skills relating to animal science, plant and soil science, and agriculture technology. This experience is initiated through classroom experience, and enhanced through FFA participation and individualized agriculture experiences that are designed by the students, for the students.

Below is a list of projects and accomplishments of our agriculture program:

  • Classes - Our welding students have passed their safety exams with 100%, and are helping Mrs. Jenkins set up our brand new ag shop. Many students volunteer extra time to help.
  • FFA - one of our horse judging teams took first place at our very first competition at Snow College! Scarlett Kotch also took first place with her individual score, beating almost 150 other FFA members from across the state.
  • Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAEs): Our students are developing their experiential learning projects. One student I wanted to highlight has created his own leatherworking business. He designs and creates handmade jewelry, belts, bags, chaps and is currently working on making a saddle.

Taking Learning to the Next Level: Community Partners

Cedar Valley High is grateful for the community partners that bring real-world experience to our classrooms.

Secondary Math 1

Our Secondary Math 1 team is helping those in our classes bridge the gap of mathematics from the middle school level to the high school level. We have come together to make, unlike many other high schools in our district, Secondary Math 1 a 9th grade class. We are building notetaking skills, study habits, and deeper thinking skills in solving problems.- BJ Roberts

Secondary Math 2

Our Secondary Math 2 team is helping those in our classes continue to bridge the gap of mathematics from the middle school level to the high school level. We are working on finding the balance between student accountability and appropriate teacher support. We are building notetaking skills, study habits, and deeper thinking skills in solving problems.-Rebecca Garity

Higher Math

We also offer math at higher levels in an effort to prepare our students for college:

  • Secondary Math 3
  • Secondary Math 3 Honors
  • Modern Math
  • Math Decision Making
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Math 1010 Intermediate Algebra Concurrent Enrollment
  • Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning Concurrent Enrollment
  • Math 1050 College Algebra Concurrent Enrollment
  • Math 1060 Trigonometry Concurrent Enrollment

English 9

Our English 9 team is passionate about student success. We love our students and work hard to foster a love of reading, writing and learning in all of them. In English 9 we write daily as well as work on polished writing pieces in the genre of narrative, argument essay, and analysis paper. We also study To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo + Juliet, and other works of literature. We strive to expose our students to literature that is challenging, thought-provoking and relevant. As a 9th grade team, we collaborate often to better our individual teaching practices and meet students' needs. We strive for excellence in all we do and strive to bring the best out in our students. -Jennifer Reynolds

English 10

Our tenth grade team strives to give our students a well rounded English experience. We feel that independent reading time each day is crucial to their success in our class and others. We also strongly believe that they need to have a good background in proper grammar usage. We have common assessments for our grammar units that we compare data on. We also believe that our students need to understand the importance of writing. Writing is something that our students will need to properly utilize for the rest of their lives. We practice this through our narratives/short stories and argumentative essays. -Kara Hunter

English 11

On the English 11 team, we are working towards building literacy and writing skills in order to help students be more successful in school, future education, and future careers. Also, we have developed a writing process format to be used throughout all levels of our English department which allows for scaffolding, deeper learning, and greater skill-building. This makes sure that fewer students fall through the cracks and that we are all on the same page which makes for a more cohesive learning experience. -Alexa Cardiff

US History Team

Our US History team has a large focus on helping students gain the skills necessary to not only do well in secondary school but also to be able to learn the skills necessary for life after high school. We have made it our focus to create engaging lessons that also focus on reading and writing skills. As students analyze historical events, they are able to engage in critical thinking, collaborate on projects and use their ideas from the past to relate them to the present. -Daniel Morris

Government and Psychology

Our team is working to create an inclusive learning environment. Our Government team has prepped our Seniors to take the Civics test required by the state. All Seniors that have taken the test have passed! The Psychology classes have been learning how psychology impacts everyday life. Go Miss Eakins! -Brittany Holman

Earth Science Team

Cedar Valley Earth Science classes have been studying the origins of the universe and how it relates to our solar system. We are helping our students become more prepared for the Utah Aspire and the coming ACT Exam, by incorporating data analysis and graph making and reading into our lessons and daily starters. We are also transitioning our Earth Science classes to incorporate the 3D model of learning. Using phenomena to drive our learning, best science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts students will become proficient in not only Earth Science but the nature of science. We also are utilizing our Chromebooks in the classroom on a daily basis as we move our curriculum into Canvas and seek ways to make one to one learning a reality. -Todd Richardson

Biology Team

Science is a way of knowing, a process for gaining knowledge, and understanding the natural world. As a biology team at Cedar Valley High School, we are leading students in discovering how living things work, exploring the diversity of life, and investigating how biology relates to everyday life. We are beginning to incorporate the new SEEd standards in our curriculum, as well as focusing on preparing our students for the Aspire and ACT tests. -Allyson Searle

Chemistry Team

The chemistry team at Cedar Valley is incorporating the new SEEd (Science with Engineering Education) standards and hitting the ground running! We always try to have multiple hands-on activities in every unit as well as ties to relevant modern issues and industry. This year we've held a debate about nuclear energy, have hosted a guest speaker from the nuclear power industry, and have tried to make chemistry fun and not unbearable! -Wade Wagner

Physics Team

The Physics team at Cedar Valley is implementing Utah's new SEEd standards a year early. The new standards blend science and engineering in three dimensions: disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, and science and engineering practices. Physics students are learning physics more deeply as they practice gathering evidence, reasoning, and communicating about real-life phenomena in ways which will increase their college readiness. -Gordon Fluckiger

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Department is helping those in our classes develop confidence, creativity, and expand their comfort zones. We believe, as a team, in the power and strength that the performing arts can have on a students life, mental and emotional health, and their ability to collaborate with others to create beauty . We are building social and emotional skills, and deepening their skill set in coping with emotional outputs through performance. -Kyle Harper

Cedar Valley High School Art Department is focused on allowing students to express and find themselves through the arts. As a department, we offer a variety of different art classes in the 2D and 3D arts, including watercolor, painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. In addition to offering a variety of media, multiple levels of art are offered from beginning courses to 2D and 3D AP Art. Our focus is on building skills that can be transferred to life after high school, such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. As art teachers, we want to instill a love and appreciation for creation for our students by sharing our passion. -Korryn Coates

Computer Science

In Computer Science, Business office and IT, we are working hard to build our programs. Nate Corry is working hard in his business office specialist class has already had several students complete their microsoft certifications. Nate is also looking to expand our web development program.

In our CS1400 class, we have 29 students that are taking it for concurrent enrollment. Over the next year, we are looking to branch out by adding robotics to our programming and exploring computer science courses and expanding our game development classes. We are hoping to add advanced placement computer science principles, and we are looking to participate in the Cyber Patriot program. We are forming our own iTeam program and we have a group of students going to compete in a sponsored smash brothers tournament being held at American For High School next week. -Randy Barker


Media classes at Cedar Valley aim to help students becoming digital creators in a decisively digital world. We prepare students for careers in graphic design, photography, digital media, video production, audio production, and TV broadcasting, as well as encouraging media literacy and communication skills, leadership abilities, and teamwork. -Jennifer Hardy

PE Team

“As a PE department our aim is to have the fittest students in the state. Through high expectations and hard work we are developing a culture in PE that will last for generations. All the teachers in the department spend extra time collaborating about what we can do to improve the lives of those we teach and coach.” -Coach Rykert

World Languages

Mr. Hampton treats each student as if they are planning to go to any of the 29 francophones (french speaking countries) at any time. From Quebecois to Parisien french, Mr. Hampton's class is filled with fun, facts, and tons of verbs! He is deemed an "easy going" teacher because his students can retake a test as many times as they want. His motto is, "I don't care how many times my students take the same test. I just want them to understand the material. If it means they don't get it until 2 weeks after taking the test, it's okay. They got it!--Bob Hampton


As Cedar Valley HS Counselors, our purpose is to care for and connect with all students in the school. We want to inspire students to see their potential and work towards their own personal success. We are student advocates and strive to build relationships of trust with our students. More than anything, we want students to know we are here for THEM. -Anna Butler

Media Center

The Cedar Valley High School Media Center, was intentionally designed to empower students. Construction began in the spring of 2017. From the beginning, each of the library's elements have focused on functionality and aesthetic. For example, the short stacks are not only a nod to historic libraries but a nod to the future of electronic mediums (e-books) as well. The overall media center plan, covertly elaborate, will appear to be useful, clean, simple... and stylish. Seating areas will adorn the stacks and allow for comfortable space to delve into a book OR sit and charge a device. Mostly mobile furniture will flow across the main floor to allow flexibility in creating a large-audienced, public meeting space (for student performances, collaborations, team times, etc.). Large table collaboration spaces will allow for learning, study, and collaboration. Together these spaces will allow our library of the future to be more dynamic, more accessible, more usable.

Special Education

We are a team of eight teachers, six para-educators, and several specialists that strive for every student to reach their maximum potential. Every student can learn. Every student has a future. We are here to ensure that everyone has a chance to level up and become more than they ever dreamed. -DJ Conger

Meet Our Coaches

As teacher coaches we get the opportunity to work with all of our teachers to see what we can do to support them in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to help them help all of our students. Our first steps have been building relationships with our new and young faculty and we have really enjoyed getting to know them and seeing the great things they are already doing for the students at Cedar Valley High School. Our job is to help guide teachers and build even more capacity to the amazing professional faculty at our school.

Meet Our Social/Emotional Team

Ieshha Bailey, social worker; Nate Crandall, JET Time Coordinator; Jena Peterson, assistant JET Time Coordinator

School Safety

At Cedar Valley High School we are concerned about the emotional, social and physical safety of all students. Cedar Valley High follows the Alpine School District’s emergency response protocol. Our school has first responders throughout the school and we have regularly scheduled safety drills.


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