7 Reasons You Need a Mobile App for Your Brand The market data is saying yes to mobile apps in 2017

Why your brand needs mobile app in 2017?

Author: Dave Gould - Jan 7, 2017

Dave Gould - Founder and Creative Designer for InluencerToolkit.com

Communication on the Internet is evolving at a monumental rate as technology advances. Five years ago, the smartphone market was still in its infancy. Today, nearly 80% of Internet connections are now via a Smartphone.

What is the consequence for your company communication? Quite simply that a website is not enough! It is now necessary that your website is perfectly adapted to the mobile use, otherwise you risk losing most of your audience. You now have two solutions: a mobile version and / or a mobile application.

A mobile application is very intense, and 60% of applications are deleted only one month after being downloaded. This shows that in order to have a chance to succeed, a brand mobile application needs to be integrated into a well thought-out global mobile strategy. It is also essential to bear in mind the need to get a brand website totally optimized for mobile browsing.

Today, we will explain the advantage of developing a mobile application for your company.

What is mobile application?

The mobile application (or App) is like software that you can install on your smartphone. If your customers install your mobile app, they will be able to access your content directly through a logo on their phone's menu.

How mobile apps boost PROMOTION AND SALES?

First and foremost, mobile apps can become a good channel of communication between influencers and their customers. Instantly and from anywhere, users can access all the information of the brand, as long as they have a minimum internet connection. Given the penetration that mobile applications have achieved among users, companies can use them for fast and, above all, very effective communication.

In 2014 the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users.

The Benefits of having a personal Mobile Application

It should be noted that a mobile application is often more difficult to develop than a simple mobile version of a website. Nevertheless, this difficulty is justified by the many benefits of a Mobile App:

1. You create a link with your audience:

Downloading a web application is already a first commitment. So you're sure that everyone who downloads your App receives your message and your products and services. Being directly present on the Smartphone of your audience is already a huge plus!

2. You simplify access to your content:

To access your application, a customer will only have to click on a logo. On the contrary, accessing a website or mobile requires a Google search or knowing by heart a URL. By making it easier for you to access your content, you're sure your customers will see it more often.

3. You send notifications:

Unlike a website, a mobile app allows you to send push notifications directly to your audience. You have important news to communicate? Want to launch a promotional campaign? Want to talk about a corporate event? Your application will allow you to send a notification to all those who have installed it, and thus to be sure that your message is seen.

4. You have a customized tool:

A website or a mobile version is naturally limited. On the contrary, a web application will be tailored to your needs and those of your customers. You can create the perfect tool that will help you distribute information, boost your online sales or strengthen your relationship with the customer.

5. You can use all the possibilities of a smartphone:

Having a mobile application is also an opportunity to exploit new tools such as geolocation. A user is approaching your shop? Why not encourage them to make a purchase through a targeted promotional offer? You can also incorporate the use of the microphone or camera in your application. The possibilities are endless to make an App an unprecedented marketing tool, and the only limit is that of your imagination!

6. You can communicate about launching an App and product offerings:

Launching a mobile application can be the occasion of a real communication campaign, which will let you know both your application and your company. On the contrary, launching a mobile version of a website will not impress anyone!

7. You boost your brand image:

If one of your customers has installed your mobile app, he will see your logo every time he visits his phone. It is more effective to strengthen your brand image and ensure that you will not be forgotten.

To sum up, an application can be extremely beneficial to your business and mobile strategy, but to be successful, it is essential that it provides a unique service, and helps your brand differentiate itself from its competitors.

We build Mobile apps for less than $1000.00

We build Android and Apple IOS native mobile apps that help you build and engage with your audience. 2017 is the year for you to establish your mobile community. Give your platform the boost it needs to stay competitive in your reach and marketing channels.


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