The watched

The Watched

When I walked into speedway, there was a man who looks like he really enjoy his job and is loving life. Just look at him. He has his blue collared speedway shirt on. He is wearing his orange reflective safety vest over his blue shirt. He has on a white speedway name tag. He is wearing black pants with black shoes. He always had a big smile on his face that screamed "I'm having a good day, I enjoy my job, and I'm happy." No matter what customer came in or how they acted, he is still very respectful to them. He would always refer to the customer as sir or ma'am. He would always have a big smile on his face when he would talk to people. Which made me think he either just started his job not to long ago or none of the regulars came in during this time. Whenever there was a problem, he would be quick to resolve the problem. When the Diet Coke ran out of syrup, he was there to change it quicker than lightning. If someone needed any tobacco products or lottery tickets. He was always ask specifically which one they wanted and say it back to make sure he didn't hear something else and grab the wrong pack of cigarettes or the wrong lottery ticket. When there was no customer in the store, he would grab the mop or a rag and spray bottle and start to clean so customers would not be disgusted by a dirty floor or a dirty counter top. He would always ask customers how their day was to let them vent to someone about their day. He would always listen to them if they had a bad day. One older lady came into the gas station and on her way out she had dropped a 50 dollar bill. He was quick to pick it up off the floor and run outside to return it to the older woman. The look on her face was pure relief that she didn't loose 50 dollars and that he didn't keep it for himself.

As I keep spending my time here I thought to myself what if this guy doesn't really enjoy his job and it's just a front he throws up to fool customers. He could just be happy maybe because it's his last day and it is also payday as well. Maybe he is putting up a front because he is really depressed and wants everyone to think he is happy. He acts like he is so happy about his job that he seems over excited to were it's obvious he is hiding something. The way he talks to people he acts so energetic when he talks to people and when he moves to were I'm stuck asking myself how does one person have so much energy? I mean I'm pretty energetic but watching this man just keep going and going and it just makes me tired just watch him keep going. I think to myself how does he just have all this energy from. Is he trying to impress his boss for a raise or is he about to loose his job. Is that why now after it being 21 minutes, he is now finally starting to relax and let loose a bit. He started to talk to his coworkers about putting in his 2 weeks. I was completely stunned by this. I thought to myself if you put in your 2 weeks why would you still work this hard at your job. But then I came to the conclusion that he is one of the good people still left in this world that give it 100 percent until it's over.

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