St Patrick's Day Arcadia 3/17

This is a short view of St Patrick's Day at Arcadia High School

Molly blurry in picture only in 3rd period

Cass and Mr Guy in spirit and looking great

Mrs Paloma looking green and happy and Irish

Yes they are green

Irish Chinese?

My hero!!

Mia and Mr Guy

No smile?

Christian sporting his green

Yes the shirt is green

Why so sad
I look awful
Julia staying positive
Emily looks perfecto
Jared had to look for green
Chad doing his best!

Is Adam awake?

Katie is in spirit

Perfect shirt for the day

Love the look
Irish for a day!!
Great selfie and hair
I want a cupcake

That is not green Edson

The type on shirt is really green

Nathan says his his sleeve is green
Mariah sporting her green
Stephanie did not know the day but has green
Nice try Nathan

Yeah Zander

Kendal has a tatoo
Katie is really Irish

Brinn's hair is perfect

Bri is 100 percent Irish (in looks)

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