North Carolina Founded in 1653 adin hale

Conrad Reed was a twelve year old boy who founded the first gold nugget.The gold nugget weighed 17 pounds and was found in Little Meadow Creek.It was the start of the gold rush.
Quakers were some of the first settlers to move to North Carolina, because the colony had established religious freedom as early as 1672.Although the Church of England was the official religion of North Carolina, there were few attempts to set up Anglican churches and congregations in North Carolina until the 1700s. They were the strongest religious group as well.
Colonial North Carolina's geography was split into three main areas: the coastal, Piedmont and mountain regions.There were swamps, islands, foothills and mountains in North Carolina.The geography of the state has not changed much since colonial times.
In colonial families, the father had absolute authority over his family.Wives and children were expected to do as they were told.And everyone, even young children, worked to sustain the family.

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