The Land Of The Great Wall The untold land...

As I was puttering about at sea in my boat, I found the Land Of The Great Wall. It was only then I new what I was really in for. My easy manoeuvred topper fought the crushing waves before I had foreseen it. Shapes came flying, dancing, gliding and bounding around as the mountains grew; yes reader, grew snow. Puzzled and compelled, I approached to investigate.

As I ran aground, peculiar scenes caught my eye and vanished without a trace or sound. When set foot on the island, I was immediately spellbound. Calm, a peculiar man surprisingly with an English tongue told me to move my boat to a nearby dock. Scared and completely compelled, I was slightly different from not asking about his pig-face and the island so I did as he asked.

Horse-Crush-mountains don't crush horses, in fact The Giganta-horse crushes them! This terror grows the mountains and crushes them as if they're nothing it never obeys anyone. When coming across it, I had no idea it would be so furious. I was just eating some Candi-snow(it fills you up immediately) and it's attack began.Not one house was on the mountain and I could see why. My emencely fortunet escape lead to questions that not even locals could answer...

Not like your normal farm, this part of the island was my absolute favourite. The magic farm was very beguiling as it grew into all types of food within seconds. Usually months would be spent growing these types of food, some I didn't know existed. It was an unexpected fairy tail coming true! You would never believe how big the farm was and without a doubt see the long stretches of food in your head.

Tipped cove was the scariest of all experiences, and I would never go there again on my own- I needed protection. Hidden in the caves, it took me a while to find the correct landmass.


Created with images by downhilldom1984 - "Weizenfeld"

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