immigrants By:yeimi perez vives

My topic is about immigrants.Some of the problems with this issue are immigrants come to america for a better life,and a better job,and getting a better life for there kids.People are being affected by immigration.I am affected because a lot of my family are immigrants and the community is affected because they want a better life.

50 years ago immigrants could not come immigration is still happening.however, people are being deported back to mexico is still happening.i think it will still keep happening.

i predict in 50 years immigration will stop happening.

cesar chabes was an important perso to this issuensome of tehnthings they did were capture people trying to cross the border.i think its a bad thing because they want a better life.

some thing i can do to help is blow up.i think this will help for people to get better lifes.another thing is to get people and bring them to america.

Created By
Yeimi Perez Vives


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