Championship Summer An Unexpected EXPERIENCE that DEVELOPED his summer

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By Connor Thomas

The Kick Off

It was June 1st when summer kicked off for Tim Yerks. Exams had finished, and Tim knew he did well on them. Now, the pinnacle of the year had arrived, summer. This is when Tim got to explore, experience new things and meet new people. Most of June, Tim went to the pool and hung out with his friends. Tim would soon get connected to more people throughout summer, and discover new and intriguing activities.

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Yerks did a decent amount of traveling this summer. His favorite trip was going to NYC for a week and a half, spending time with family and friends. There he tried new food, and gained more self reliance. Tim got to learn how to cook meals for his family, and what to do during certain emergencies. When Yerks returned home, he was greeted by many friends. Yerks attended parties where he would expand his friend group to outside who he knew. Meeting theses new friends led Tim on many adventures.

Tim would descend 30 feet off the bridge

The Tucker Town Bridge is where Tim would conquer his fears. Tim would defend 30 feet off the bridge, plunging into the deescalate water. Tim did not stop here but continued to grow himself and his friend group to better himself and others around. An event Tim really enjoyed was the PGA championship.

PGA Championship
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The PGA championship is the Super Bowl of golf that brings only the best to complete, to be the greatest. There he got to see all the professional golfers and meet more than anticipated. Tim went with friends and family to this nation wide event. As Tim was about about to leave on the last day of the event, something happened. Jordan Spieth, his favorite golfer was standing right next to him near a broadcast tent. Tim told reporters “it was amazing we got to talk about golf and all sorts of stuff, it made my summer.”

“It was amazing we got to talk about golf and all sorts of stuff, it made my summer”

Meeting him in person was one of the greatest events of his summer, Tim told me. The Summer of 2017 will be one to be remembered for Tim Yerks.

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Connor Thomas


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