All the vegetables I conbine have been list below. they have a strong color to contrast each other, and the shape is also likely become a human face.

My renaissance self-portrait is basically a woman sitting on seat, she grab a coin and a monkey is standing on her arm. I replace my face and put a phone in her hand and put a tattoo on her hand. I have meet so many problem in this assignment, I asked my teacher, my classmates and my friends for the method to do in many different way of changing the image. I think the coolest part is the tattoo ;)

Surreal Self-Portrait:

I use my own picture for the base, and I add a heart, mouth mask, blood, nail, horror background for the change. and this picture have a meaning of protect yourself from any disease that can goes into mouth and cause sickness. I can't desalt the heart, so I went to youtube looking for how to do it. I think the coolest part is the heart because it looks like show from inside of my body. I will use the skill when I want to show something important inside, and overlay them together.


Created with images by Hans - "plane leaves tree"

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