My journey with a camera by : grant gordon

It all started in August of 2016 when I bought my new Canon T6i camera. I was starting high school the same month and I wanted to try "vlogging," which is where you record yourself throughout your day and make it into about a 7-10 minute video.

I was inspired by my favorite YouTuber at the time, which was Casey Neistat, who helped me get though the struggles of vlogging in public. Vlogging at the time was very uncommon around the Macon area and everywhere I went people would stare, some thought It was weird and some thought it was interesting. I uploaded my vlogs on youtube and shared them with all of my friends and they loved them!

My following on YouTube went from zero subscribers to more than 1,200 people subscribed to me. Soon my love for vlogging would slowly decrease, and I would get into the world of photography. After school I would go outside and take pictures of anything, literally anything.

August 2016

After about two years I sold my T6i and bought the Canon 80d, which was my dream camera. The weekend I got my camera I went downtown with my best friend, Annsleigh, and we discovered new places to take pictures. After about a month into photography the news (WGXA) wanted to do a story about me and my photography business. The news also used my picture for their Facebook header for about a month.

The picture WGXA used for their Facebook profile header

Check out the news story below!

My main category of photography is "freelance". Freelance is where an artist likes to be by themselves and create things on their own. I like to freelance because of how creative I can get with different types of photography. As of April 2019 I'm still continuing to take pictures of anything and everything.

Click the button below to view my website and check out all of the pictures I've taken.

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Grant Gordon

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