St.Gwinear Parish Church Memorial Inscriptions A-G (Across Gwinear's four burial areas.)

No name as yet, but in Yard 3
There are index files which were collated in 1996 and numbered plans of burial areas in which visitors may search for information about their ancestors. We are working towards creating a Heritage Centre at the Church and having much more information within gwinearparishchurch.org.uk ‘Our Churchyards.’
In loving memory of Christina Love Ainslie 17.10 1913-13.8.2001.
Mary Andrewartha., aged 27, buried Jan 27th 1803

Here lyeth the body of Mrs Elizabeth Arundell, late wife of John Arundell of Sithney _s_ and daughter of Tomas Lanyon of Gwinear Gent buried the 23rd of September 1683 in the 36th year of her age. To whose memory her loving and lamenting husband consecrates this. With whom, she having been a dear co____ and willing partner under al the mo__ and severer dispensations of God’s providence for fourteen years and upwards exchanged this troublesome state of life for the ioyes of a better. By whom likewife blessed of two sons and three daughters. One daughter she saw buried.

John Arthur who died April 24th 1853 Aged 49 years. Also Harriet wife of the above Died December 18th 1892 Aged 81 Years. Also children of the above. Richard Died September 5th 1887 Aged 45 Years Harriet Died September 12th 1889 Aged 45 years Rolland Rodda Died January 15th 1858 aged 57 Years. This stone was erected by their surviving children.

Samuel Ernest Arthur who died at the Wheal Breage Sept. 27th 1894 Aged 10 years.

THOMAS BANFIELD late of Lelant who died at Carnhell December 17th 1885 aged 68 years. Also of DORCAS,, his wife died April 15th 1898aged 72 years. Also of EDWARD JOHN, their son died October 18th 1890 aged 33 years . Also of James, their son who died at Bulawayo, S.Africa, May 5th 1920 aged : 60.

W.T. Banfield (Lychgate War memorial) R.J.Banfield (Lychgate War Memorial

Anne Barkell, June 20th 1802, aged 63. Palsy:
John Barkell of this Parish who departed this life. January 28th 1865 aged 67 years. Also of Elizabeth Ann, his daughter, who died in America. also of Barthole[mew, his son.

J. Barnes (Lychgate War Memorial)

Elizabeth, the wife of G.N. Beater of this Parish who died at Marazion on the 25th day of December.....
The Beckerleg family memorial

Sacred to the memory of JOHN BECKERLEG who departed this life September 30th 1843 Aged 63 years. Also ANN his wife who died April 29th 1867 Aged 63 years. Also of JOHN his son who departed this life February 12th 1837 aged 24 years. Also ELIZABETH daughter of the above who departed this life March 15th 1828 Aged 8 years. Also WILLIAM, grandson of the above who departed this life January 23rd 1856 aged 1 year and 6 months. Also ALICE,their daughter. Died January 1887 aged 69 years

WILLIAM BECKERLEG b. March 8th 1872 d. Dec. 7th1893. HESTER ANN his wife b.May 12th 1826.d.Dec. 14th 1904.

ANN BENNATTS- In loving memory of ANN, widow of EDWARD BENNATTS of Trink, Lelant, who died at Stithians April 11th 1883 aged 69 years.Her end was peace, Also of ALMA BANFIELD beloved wife of John Hicks of Treweege, Stithians, and niece of the above.Born Feb 21st 1855, died Sep. 30th 1919 aged 77 years.

In loving memory of the beloved children of Henry and Jane Berryman. Ernest, born Sept. 27th 1874, died April 14th 1887.Ellen, born Sept 30th 1880, died May 2nd 1881.

William Blake, Feb. 20th 1802, aged 21. Margaret Blewett. aged 75 years, 15th Dec. 1802.

The Branch Family.
Sacred to the memory of Richard Branch who died May 17th 1869 aged 69years. Also of Jane, his wife who died Nov. 8th 1889 aged 82 years. Richard John Branch died, Aug.6th 1883 aged 27 years. George, died March 29th, 1859 aged 2 years. Eliza, died Feb. 15th 1863 aged 4 years. William George, died Feb 15th 1863 aged 2 years. Mary Ann died Sept. 29th 1873 aged 6 years. Grandchildren of the above.: Elizabeth Branch, Nov. 27th., 1802: William Branch, an infant, Jan. 6th, 1803: William Branch 26thApril, 1810:Alexander Bray, aged 60, Jan. 30th, 1801: -art Bray, aged 6, brought from Phillack, Nov. 6th 1803.

Richard Bray, who died Dec. 5th 1878 aged 82 years. Also Henry his son who died August 15th 1837aged 18 years and Martha his daughter who died March 30th 1833 aged 1 year. Alice, his wife, died Feb 17th 1890 aged 98 years.

W. Bray (Lychgate War Memorial)

RICHARD ERNEST BURGESS the beloved son of Richard and Mary Burgess who diedJune 16th 1894 aged 11 years. Also of the above RICHARD BURGESS who died June 16th 1898 aged 61 years. Also of their daughter MARY ANNE who died March 11th 1909 aged 25 years. Also of the above named MARY BURGESS who died March 15th 1920 aged 78 years.

Burrall (cross)

Edward `George (Ted) Butcher,who entered into rest aged 75 years 18th Sept. 2009, a dearly. beloved husband, father and grandad.
In memory of CHRISTIAN, wife of STEPHEN CARKEEK, who departed this life `April 12th 1853 aged 41 years. 'Then remaineth, therefore a rest to the people of God.
Janie, beloved daughter of Stephen and Annie Carkeek who entered into rest 1894 aged 10 years.
JJOHN CARNE who died 12th Oct.1895 aged 85 years. Also of MARGARET his wife who died 10th Oct. 1882 aged 84 years

Joan Carpenter d.1806. see Elizabeth Paul.

John Carter, 30, 1st May, 1808:Richard Chegwin, aged 36, buried Jan. 9th, 1804:Isaac Clemens June 2 , 1810 aged 5.

EMILY CHARLES who died August 2nd 1884aged 32 years.

S. Chinn ( Lychgate War Memorial.)

Henry, the beloved son of Paul and Mary Jane Clark who died at Illogan April11th1838 aged 3 years and 8 months
WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE died at Rectory Road Walthamstow, June 11th 1906 and also of ANNE his wife. Died at Troon April 7th 19400 aged 77 years.
JOHN CLEGG died Jan. 7th 1898 aged 54 years. Also SOPHIA his wife died Feb. 7th 1907 aged 71 years.
In memory of John Cock of this parish who died at Real Del Monte, Mexico on the 18th of June 1841 aged 36 years. Also his beloved wife Ann who died 8th April 1859 Aged 39 Years.
Edward Cock of this parish who departed this life June 26 1866 Aged 53 Years.

Elizabeth Cocke, aged 52, 28th Nov.1807. from Camb.

Walter James Cocking 6th Jan. 1992 and Eileen Cocking died 11th May 2003
In memory of Catherine, the wife of Edward Collins who died March 26th 1863 aged 64 years.Also of the above named Edward Collings who died Dec.11th 1880 aged 80 years.
Edward Cook, who departed this life June 26 1866 aged 55n years
ELIZABETH LILY COOKdied 15th Aug.1994 aged 84.
In loving memory of JANE MAVIS COOK, born 28th May, 1925, died 26th May 2014. Also ERNEST ARTHUR COOK 24th April 1919- 11th June 1990
William Corin who died 10th Oct. 1789 Aged 74 years. Also of LOVEDAY, his wife, who died 23rd March 1790 aged 69 years. Also GRACE, their daughter who died 25th November 1821 aged 59 years.
JOHN CORNELIUS aged 26. Killed in Herland Mine, interred March 2nd 1807

JAMES CURNOW, who died at Gwinear, February 24th 1893 aged 58 years. Interred at Phillack also of ELIZABETH ANN his wife, who died at Gwinear April 7th 1904 aged 68 years.

In loving memory of LOUISA, the beloved wife of EDWIN DALE , who died Dec.15th 1882 aged 38 years. Submission to Thy will my God. To thee my partner I resign. Also of the above EDWIN DALE who died Dec. 5th 1926 aged 82 years

Elizabeth Davey, aged 22, 30th September 1807, consumption

John Davey, late of Reawla in this Parish who departed this life the 18th day of November 1819 in the 62nd year of his age. Also Mary Daley relict of t!he above who died 18th December 1832 aged 76 years Also David Davey son of the above named John and Mary Davey died 6th May 1839 Aged 33 years.
William Davey, who died at Camborne 23rd June 1856 aged 39 years. and Jane Davey, wife of the above who died at Camborne on the 15th August 1868 aged 32years and of Jane Marien Davey, daughter of the above who died at Camborne on the 7th May 1859 aged 14 years.

Edward Edwards of this parish who died 1862 Aged 71. Also Johanna, wife of the above, died October 6th 1865. Aged 75 years. Also John, son of the above. Died September 18th 1864 aged 31 years.

Eliza, died 1872 Rest of stone indecipherable..

Margaret, the wife of J.A. Edwards who departed this life 8th November 1818 aged 60 years.

William Edmonds who died at Fraddam, April 3rd 1871 aged 76 years. Also Arrementah his wife who died at Fraddam Jan. 5th 1874.aged 76 years.

WILLIAM ELLIS beloved h8usband of E.A. DUNN of Deveral, formerly engineer ay Real del Monk and Santa Gertrude’s. May 20 1910 aged 70years. Also of WILLIAM JOHN PHILLIPS, their son who died at San GuillermodO DE Santa GertruDIS Nov.5 1904 aged38 years. Domine in manus tuas. Also of the above ELIZABETH A. DUNN who died at Deveral April 18th 1921 aged 89 years.

George Eustice of Bezurrel died 23rd July 1913 aged 82 years, and Elizabeth Ann Eustice Sept 17th 1920, aged 88 years.
In loving memory of Steven Eva of Killivose 25th March 1953-9th January 2012

ELIZABETH ANN, wife of William Faull who died at Relistian in this parish March 1st 1900 aged 60 years. Also of the above WILLIAM FAULL who died April 27th 1913. Aged 69 years.

In loving memory of William Faull, who died at Penhale bungalow on November 3rd 1973- aged 68 years. (Late of Polmennor Farm).
John Faull who died 28th Sept 1831. John Faull, March 26th 1801 aged 17 years.

J.O. Ferret (Lychgate War Memorial)

Elizabeth Floyd, April 29th 1810, Infant. Hannah Floyd, aged 3, smallpox, October 13th 1807

In memory of Mary Floyed who departed this life November 26th 1885 aged 76 years. Also William Floyed son of the above who died July 4th 1885 aged 39 years.
In memory of Richard Floyed of this parish who departed this life April 12th 1847 aged 45 years. Also James son of the above who died March 21st 1837 aged 3 years. Also Richard his son died February 25th 1865 aged 24 years.
C.E. Francis (Lych gate War Memorial)
Sacred to the memory of URIAH WOODARD GAGE of Falmouth who died on the 9th of July, 1834, aged 66 years, also of ANN his beloved wife who departed this life on th 20th of April, 1841 aged 73 years. As a testimony of unceasing affection this tablet has been erected by their surviving children. Also of. JANE WILLIAMS, daughter of the above who departed this life 1872 aged 67 years.

JOHN GILBERT aged 37, Feb 2nd 1807

JOHN, son of John and Elizabeth Glasson who died September 25th1871 aged 21 years also of the above JOHN GLASSON who died June 3rd 1872 aged 57 years.. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died August 15th 1885 aged 77 years.

Rebecca Glasson, aged 44, Feb.20th, 1803.

THOMAS GLASSON of Roseveth, who died March 31st 1889 aged 43 years. Also of ELIZABETH GLASSON his wife who died April 10th 1888 aged 29 years

THOMAS GLASSON died Nov.24th 1928, aged 76 years. Also MARTHA GLASSON wife of the above d. April 21 1931 aged 77 years. 'Resting where no shadows fall.'
CAROLINE GOLDSWORTHY b. March 5th 1836. d. Feb. 17th 1897. Also of THOMAS GOLDSWORTHY b.November 1836. d. May 1905.

JOHN GOLDSWORTHY who departed this life October 19th 1866 aged 40 years. Also of his son John who died in Australia January 20th 1858 aged 23 years. Also of his daughter Jane who departed this life January 2oth 1844 aged 1 year. Also of Ann his wife who died October 27th 1881 aged 75 years

Captain Mathew Grose who died at Doddington on Somersetshire the 21st day of August 1821. Aged 63 years.And Jane his wife who died April the 28th 1841 aged 80 years. Also William, their son, who died the 17th day of April 1818 aged 21 years and Grace, their daughter. who died Feb.the 20th 1818 aged 19 years.

John Grosse who departed this life on the 16th day of May 1842 aged 49 years. Also of Jane Grosse, wife of the above who departed this life on the 30th day of October 1856 aged 50 years. Also of Edward Jennings who died June 23rd 1878 aged 54 years.

Samuel Gross of this Parish who died 12th June 1866 aged 75 years. Also Ann, his beloved wife who died 15th March 1867 aged 77 years.

John Gunney of Trenoweth in this Parish who died July 22nd 1849 aged 68 years.

William James, aged 63, June 28th, 1801

John Jennings,aged 70, May 29th 1807

Benedict Johns, an infant, Nov 21st, 1801i

Elizabeth Jones, aged 42, June 4th 1801: James Jones, aged 20 interred 21st Dec 1802, and John Jones aged 30, 25th `Dec.1802 (both) Phthisis pulm.: John Jones, aged 3, Hooping cough, 23rd Nov.1803: Mary Jones, Nov. 11th 1808: Susannah Jones29th May 1810 aged 12: William Jones 16th May 1810 aged 42 :
Richard Jones

The text is 'In loving memory of Richard Jones of Barripper. Died Dec.25th 1893 aged 53 years, and Beatrice his daughter, born June 18th 1875; died August 18th 1875. Asleep in Christ. And of his son Richard Henry Jones died Nov. 27th 1898 aged 15 years.'

The verse at the foot is:Come near and bless us when we wake, ere through the world our way we take. Till in the ocean of Thy love, we lose ourselves in heaven above. Down each side is; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Elizabeth Julep, aged 57, 22nd April 1800

Tryphena Kneebone, aged 75, May 29th, 1807.

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