Memorial Inscriptions A-K (Across Gwinear's four burial areas.)

There are index files which were collated in 1996 and numbered plans of burial areas in which visitors may search for information about their ancestors. We are working towards creating a Heritage Centre at the Church.

In loving memory of Christina Love Ainslie 17.10 1913-13.8.2001.
Mary Andrewartha., aged 27, buried Jan 27th 1803
In memory of John Barrett, of this parish, who departed this life,.April 28th, 1865. Also of Elizabeth Ann, who died in America.also, Bartholomew
Anne Barkell, June 20th 1802, aged 63. Palsy:
Inloving memory of the beloved children of Henry and Jane Berryman.Ernest, born Sept. 27th 1874, died April 14th 1887.Ellen, born Sept 30th 1880, died May 2nd 1881.

William Blake, Feb 20th 1802, aged 21:Margaret Blewett, aged 75 years, 15th Dec, 1802: Elizabeth Branch, Nov. 27th., 1802: William Branch, an infant, Jan. 6th, 1803: William Branch 26thApril, 1810:Alexander Bray, aged 60, Jan. 30th, 1801: -art Bray, aged 6, brought from Phillack, Nov. 6th 1803.

Edward `George (Ted) Butcher,who entered into rest aged 75 years 18th Sept. 2009, a dearly. beloved husband, father and grandad.
In memory of Christian, wife of Stephen Carkeek, who departed this life `April 12th 1853 aged 41 years. 'Then remaineth, therefore a rest to the people of God.
Janie, beloved daughter of Stephen and Annie Carkeek who entered into rest 1994 aged 10 years.
John Carter, 30, 1st May, 1808:Richard Chegwin, aged 36, buried Jan. 9th, 1804:Isaac Clemens June 2 , 1810 aged 5.
William James Clarke June 11th 1906 and Anne, his wife died April 7th 1940.

Elizabeth Cocke, aged 52, 28th Nov.1807. from Camb.

Walter James Cocking 6th Jan. 1992 and Eileen Cocking died 11th May 2003
Catherine Collings, died March 2nd 1863 and Edward Collings died December 11th 1889.
Edward Cook, who departed this life June 26 1866 aged 58 years
Elizabeth Lily Cook died 15th Aug.1994 aged 84.
Ernest Arthur Cook born 24th April, 1919, died 11th June 1990, and Jane Mavis Cook, , born 28th May, 1925, died 26th May 2014
John Cornelius aged 26. Killed in Herland Mine, interred March 2nd 1801

Elizabeth Davey, aged 22, 30th September 1807, consumption.

George Eustice of Bezurrel died 23rd July 1913 aged 82 years, and Elizabeth Ann Eustice Sept 17th 1920, aged i8 years.
In loving memory of Steven Eva of Kilivose 25th March 1953-9th January 2012
In loving memory of William Faull, who died at Penhale bungalow on November 3rd 1973- aged 68 years. (Late of Polmennor Farm).
March 26th 1801: John Faull, aged 17 years.

Elizabeth Floyd, April 29th 1810, Infant. Hannah Floyd, aged 3, smallpox, October 13th 1807

Sacred to the memory of Uriah Woodard Gage of. ... who died on the 9th of July, 1834, aged 66 years, also of Ann, his beloved wife who departed this life on th 20th of April, 1841?.. aged 78 years.

John Gilbert aged 37, Feb 2nd 1807

Martha Glasson. April 21st 1931, aged 73 years: Thomas Glasson, ov 24th 1923, aged 76 years. 'Resting where no shadows fall.'
Rebecca Glasson, aged 44, Feb.20th, 1803.
Peter Wiley Harris May 8th 1812 and Elizabeth Ann, his wife died April 7th 1840. ' In heavenly love abiding'.
Dorothy Hamill, aged 20 interred Sept 10th 1802: James Hamill aged 66, Sept.2nd 1807:Jenefer Hamill, an infant. April 22nd, 1800: William Hamill aged 71 years, 29th Sept. 1802.

Each name from five pages 1798-1807 will be interspersed in the correct order before long.

Anne Hambly, 31st Oct, 1798 aged 43. Anne Hampton, 10th June 1804 aged 62. Elizabeth Hampton 9th April 1799, aged 39. Ralph Hampton, 22nd 1809, killed in mine.
In loving memory of the beloved daughters of John Hambly and Edith Michell of Carnhell in this parish. Lilly, who died at Barnstaple, June 22nd 1911, aged 32 years, Georgina , who died Jan. 11th 1913 aged 30 years and Edith, who died Jan.19th 1913 aged 18 years. 'Peace, perfect peace.'

Edward HamptonMarch 19th 1811: Ralph Hampton, aged 29, Killed in Wh. ?.ry mine December 22nd 1808

The above memorial is near the Lych Gate in the Churchyard
Thomas Edgar Harris , died Dec. 5th 1968 aged 84 years and his sister Mabel died Feb.21st 1971 aged 85 years : and of his devoted sister Lily, died March 31st 1981,aged 95 years. 'At rest.'
Ann Harvey, 7th Fb, 1808 aged 39. Honor Harvey, 17th October 1800 aged 43. I Harvey 9th February 1811 aged2: Mrs Joanna Harvey 7th Jan.1807, aged 73. John Harvey, 13th Sept.1799, aged 2yrs and 5 months -variolis (smallpox). John Harvey 17th November, 1801 aged 63; brought from Crowan.Mary, daughter of James Harvey, 27th October 1802, an infant.
The vaulted memorial of the Harvey family
Anne Hampton, aged62, June 6th, 1804: Mary Wright Hawke, 23rd Oct 1804 aged 6 Variolis ( smallpox)
Henry Healthier,16th May 1800, son of John Healthier, an infant
Ruby May Heather,who fell asleep on Jan 31st, 2004 and William Derek Heather who fell asleep on Feb, 3rd 2008 Resting in peace together.
March 25th, 1801: Mary Hendra, an infant.
Henry Hendra, The Churchman died 14th July 1810 aged 35. (Memorial at Church entrance.) He was an honest, sober and industrious miner:Whose attendance within these sacred walls at the hours of public worship procured him the distinguishing epithet of 'The Churchman'.
Thomas Hendrix April 26th 1810 aged 62. Tobias Hendra 13th Dec.1789 aged 3 Variolis (smallpox)
In loving memory of Ian Garrick Herian 26.11.1929-05.04.2014.
Forever in our hearts. Kerry Willis 20.09.74-28.12.1974. Marjorie Julie Hicks 15.04.1923-16.03.2008. Thomas Derek Hicks 14.03.1928- 26.04.2014. Barbara Julie Hicks-Leggo 01.07.1955-21.2.2015. 'We hold you tightly within our hearts, and there you will remain. Until the joyous day arrives, that we will meet again.'
In loving memory of Harry, beloved husband of Emily Jane Hocking, who died at Reawla, Aug. 25th 1929 aged 49 years. 'Grant, O Lord, eternal happiness. '. And of Emily Jane, died.....
Elizabeth Hockin, July 21st 1802, aged 15 years. (Variolis) Smallpox.
In loving memory of Annie, the beloved wife of Zacharia Holman who died at Carnhell, May 14th 1906.aged 53 years. 'Thy will be done'. Also Zachariah Holman, Died 1926? Aged.63 years

Joseph Hooper, 50, 27th Jan. 1804

In memory of Thomas Huthnance, late of Roseworthy in this Parish, who died February 25th, 1855 aged 74 years. Also of Mary, his wife, who died February 23rd, 1823 aged 33 years whose remains were interred in this church.
Jane Ingram, aged 63, subito Jan.19th 1800:John Ingram,77, August 8th, 1804: Nancy Ingram, an infant, Feb. 18th 1807: :William Ingram, an infant Feb. 26th 180,
Whilliam Charles James, died 20th Dec. 1920 aged 9 years.

Elizabeth James, aged 69, June 17th, 1807

John James called to rest on 3rd May 1974 aged 60 years.

William James, aged 63, June 28th, 1801

John Jennings,aged 70, May 29th 1807

Benedict Johns, an infant, Nov 21st, 1801i

Elizabeth Jones, aged 42, June 4th 1801: James Jones, aged 20 interred 21st Dec 1802, and John Jones aged 30, 25th `Dec.1802 (both) Phthisis pulm.: John Jones, aged 3, Hooping cough, 23rd Nov.1803: Mary Jones, Nov. 11th 1808: Susannah Jones29th May 1810 aged 12: William Jones 16th May 1810 aged 42 :
Richard Jones

The text is 'In loving memory of Richard Jones of Barripper. Died Dec.25th 1893 aged 53 years, and Beatrice his daughter, born June 18th 1875; died August 18th 1875. Asleep in Christ. And of his son Richard Henry Jones died Nov. 27th 1898 aged 15 years.'

The verse at the foot is:Come near and bless us when we wake, ere through the world our way we take. Till in the ocean of Thy love, we lose ourselves in heaven above. Down each side is; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Elizabeth Julep, aged 57, 22nd April 1800
Sydney Wilfred Keeley died 25thJanuary 1990 aged 64 years beloved husband of Sheila Beatrice Rapson who died....2015

Tryphena Kneebone,aged 75, May 29th, 1807.

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