A Computer programmer Why I suit this job

A computer programmer(my job)suits me in many ways. One way my job suits me is that I am very interested and am good with computers. This job also challenges me and I like things that challenge me. Computer coding is very complicated and being complicated is something that I like. Completing something that complicated(when you finish) you can be proud of your self for doing something that most people can't even come near to completing. The salary for the job ranges from $42,850-(around 10%)$117,890. But the average salary for this job in the United States of America would be $42,850. The salary for the job is lower than it should be for all he work put in. But if you are one of the 1 out of 10 percent you will get paid 117,960. The salary doesn't bother me too much. Also being a computer programmer would be interesting because you might have the chance to make (or assist) a game. This is why a computer programmer suits me for a job.


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