The Netherlands games By : yaara al qattan

Hul Gul For this game, each player has 10 buttons. The first player puts a certain number of buttons in his hands and holds his hand out to the player sitting to his right. That player says “Hul Gul?” or “What’s in your hand?” Then the second player must correctly guess how many buttons are in the first player’s hand. If the second player guesses too high, he will have to give the difference of his guess (in buttons) to the first player. If he guesses too low, he will • have to give half of his buttons to the first player. If the second player guesses the correct number of buttons, he gets all of the buttons in the first player’s hand. The game proceeds until one player is out of buttons. Then the players count their buttons and the player with the most wins the game. Beans or other small objects can be substituted in the place of buttons. The second player guesses how many of the 10 game items the first player is holding in his fist. If the second player guesses to many he must give the first player some of his items to equal his guess. (ex. 1st player has 4 buttons, 2nd player guessed 6 buttons. 2nd player will give the 1st player 2 buttons). If the second player guesses too low he will have to give half of his game items to the first player. When one of the players runs out of game pieces the game ends. The player with the most game items wins. Racing games • The TT Circuit Assen is by fans considered "The Cathedral" of motorcycling, with the Dutch TT being one of the biggest events in motorbike racing. As such, the track is featured in many of the motorcycling racing games. • Circuit Park Zandvoort is a former Formula One racing track, which is currently still used for other racing classes. The track has been featured in its old Formula One-layout in the game Grand Prix Legends, and more recently in its current layout in TOCA Race Driver, TOCA Race Driver 2 and Race 07. It is also a popular track in the modding community.


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