The streak By Walter dean myers


A guy named Jamie is to afraid to ask out a girl named Celia to the prom but Jamie is afraid to because he has bad luck all day and has no idea why. Then his friend Froggy tells him something about a streak which means All of a sudden something really bad happens to you and then you do a bunch of bad things in a row. Or something good happens and you do a bunch of good things in a row, but Jamie Doesn't believe what he is saying. When he gets home he still has more bad luck but finally his bad luck comes to an end when he realizes something.

Theme statement

No Matter how much bad luck you have bad things do come to an end.

Evidence #1

When Jamie forgot his money/wallet after putting it away in his locker after lunch.

Analysis #1

When he forgot his wallet it was apart of the "streak" because when he left his wallet at school and didn't get to pay for his potato wedgies and soda and he ran out of the burger joint while he had the chance.

Evidence #2

When Jamie hit his ankle into the dumbbell while he was on the way to pick up the phone. It was one of his teachers Mr.Bradley.

Analysis #2

This part of the "Streak" because when the teacher called him it was about his bad grade that he got on a test he took in english class

Evidence #3

When Jamie spilled a can of milk on one of the biggest guy at school.

Analysis #3

This is part of the "Streak" because when Jamie spilled the milk on that really big dude he got mad and starting turning his wide open hands into a fist. Jamie was so scared that he spent all day hiding away from him.

Evidence #4

When Jamie tossed the egg into the sink.

Analysis #4

This is when the streak ended because when jaimes sister handed him an egg he lost it because of all of the bad luck that was going on. When Jaime got to the fridge to get a can of soda he realized when he tossed the egg it landed in the egg carton. That's when he realized that his streak has gone and good things to happen now.


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