Beginning drawing 1st semester: Art portfolio By: Sydney Arendsen, Mrs. Kemppainen, 5th hour


Hi I'm Sydney Arendsen and I'm a Sophomore and Zeeland East High School! Art is by far my favorite class! The reason I decided to take art was because I needed a performing arts credit and this seemed like a class I could get by with. I had no expectations of doing very well in the class, but as the semester went on I really started to love it. Art is a class that lets me relax and not worry about tests I have next hour or homework that's due. It's a class that lets me be me and I think everyone deserves a class like that. So if you need a class that makes you feel relaxed and worry free I highly suggest taking art. Now feel free to scroll down and take a look at how my semester in art has done for me. Enjoy!

Upside down drawing/blind contour line drawings

Upside drawing is a great technique to use open up your mind. It teaches you not focus on the image, instead on the lines. It lets you focus on adjacent lines and where they meet to make the shape of the object. The blind contour line drawing let your mind roam with creativity and wonder. For the blind contour line drawing we had to look away from the drawing and focus on our hand trying to draw the smallest crevices and details. Exercising upside down drawing and blind contour line drawing opens the mind for creativity and will make your art improve in detail.

DAY 1:
  • The first day we got to class we were given an assignment to draw; a corner of a room, a full figure, a portrait, and a hand. Mrs. K told us that later on this semester we will be drawing these same things but in an improved way. I thought these were already good drawings, I had no idea the true capability of drawing that I had in me.
Project 1: Erasing the highlights

The first project we did were our hands. We shaded the entire paper and slowly erased away the shape and highlights of the hand. I learned to find the negative and positive spaces for shading and that improved my drawing drastically. The difference from just one lesson of drawing is incredible. This is when I first realized I might have some artistic abilities in me.

Project 2: Positive and Negative space drawings

In this piece we learned hoe to use/draw positive and negative space. On one half of the paper it shows the lion in positive space and behind it is the negative space. On the left side I used negative for the face and used shading and value to make the lions face almost pop out at you. This drawing taught me to use value and contour to really make my image Pop out at you. This is my second favorite piece.

Project 3: stippling

In this piece we used stippling to make the image have value, contour, shape, and space. Stippling is a series of multiple dots that form a shape. This piece really opened my mind and challenged me to really focus on the contrast and value on the dog. The closer the dots were together the the darker the value and the further they are apart the lighter the value became. there is the more your image will look realistic. This piece I really enjoyed but ended up losing it and it was thrown away before I could finish it completely. I managed to get a picture of it before it was thrown away, it's another one of my favorites.

Project 4: Scratch board

In this piece we used a scratch board and had to scratch away the values. We had to use value, texture, and space. This piece,a lot like the stippling, uses space and texture to give the rhino to look realistic. The smaller the lines the more texture it had. This piece was the most time consuming but worth it in the end because it turned out great!

Project 5: Still Life

In this still life drawing we had to use value, shape, contour, lines, balance, texture, form, and space. This piece was really difficult for me. I had to focus on the smallest details in such a large piece. My favorite part of the drawing is probably the mannequin. I though I did well with the contour and value and shape. The shadow behind it was probably the hardest part but overall it was one of the hardest pieces I've done.

Project 6: Profile

The profile project was another one of my favorites! I think it turned out really well and looks somewhat like me. In this piece we learned to use value, contour, and shape. My favorite part about this piece is the shading on the face I think I did that pretty well. Overall it was a fun piece to do and it turned out great!

Project 7: 2 point perspective

This piece was another hard one for me. We learned to use vanishing points and horizontal lines. Vanishing point is where all the objects in the room are pulled to one point. We also had to use lots of value and contrast. The hardest part was probably the shadows and shading of the books and book cases. Overall it was a pretty good piece.

Project 8: portrait

My before and after portrait we COMPLETELY different. In the beginning of the semester to the end I improved so much! It isn't my best piece but you can tell i improved with shading, contour, and shape. I had to use a lot of value to make my face and neck seem realistic. I had no idea how to draw a nose, ears, or eyes. The placement of them are so much better then what they use to be. My favorite part in this piece is probably my eyes.

Project 10: conceptual art (ribbon drawing)

This piece was one of the most difficult for me. We had to use value and contrast. We had to choose a word that described us and I chose the word spry. Spry means to be full of life and I think my spunky personality fits that pretty well. The shading of the word was really really hard to do for me. Other then that the piece turned out better then I expected.


Art class this semester was by far my favorite class. I learned so much from shading to balance in pieces. My hardest pieces were then portrait and the ribbon drawing. But other then that I thought this yes semester was awesome and I can't wait for this coming semester!

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