Cats Little Big History By: Paige klein

Why is it important to today's society? The answer is because they are compassionate pets and makes humans happier and healthier. Also it is scientifically proven that someone who owns a pet lives longer.

The 4 Big History thresholds that I choose were the big bang, life on earth, collective learning and agriculture.

The Big Bang

Reasons why I chose this threshold and Goldilocks conditions:

  • Without gravity chemicals wouldn't have of been able to come together to not only form the Earth but also not be able to form any sort of life form.
  • Without the Big Bang there wouldn't be any sort of chemicals to form cats or any form of life at all.
The Goldilocks conditions that have been developed from the big bang is gravity and chemical elements. The complexity has risen because of the new chemical elements.

Life on Earth

Reasons why I chose this threshold and Goldilocks conditions:

  • Without life on earth cats wouldn't have of been able to evolve from living creatures because there wouldn't be any.
  • Life on earth is the biggest threshold to the cats arrival.
  • Without life on earth there wouldn't have of been early blue-green algae that pumped oxygen into the air.
  • This threshold also made it possible for cats to have food and made the temperatures for cats suitable.
The Goldilocks conditions that was formed after this threshold is the ability to evolve, stable temperature, and there wouldn't be enough oxygen. This has increased complexity by having species for cats to evolve off of.

Collective learning

Reasons why I chose this threshold and Goldilocks conditions:

  • Without collective learning we wouldn't be able to learn as quickly as we are abke to now and that would affect how we treat cats.
  • We also wouldn't be able to tame or domesticate cats to our use.
  • Another thing that wee couldn't do is learn about them and understand them as much as we can today.
The Goldilocks conditions that were produced after this threshold was the ability to learn more and understand cats. This increased complexity because it gave us the chance to learn about them.


Reasons why I chose this threshold and Goldilocks conditions:

  • Agriculture is when we first started to domesticate animals like cats.
  • Also this is when we started to get more food supply so we could domesticate animals.
  • Some Goldilocks conditions is prior knowledge, more land, and how desperate people were for food.
Goldilocks conditions from after this threshold is that we can control more and to learn more about them. How this increases in complexity is because we can use them to our advantage now.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

An anthropologist would study how cats impacted ancient Egypt's everyday life and why they were so important. They would also look at how in the dark ages of Europe and how they impacted their religion.

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