My Vacation Fort Myers, Florida

This is a photo of Fort Myers Beach. It is really nice and the water is really warm. The sand is really white and its a fun beach to be on.
This is the hotel I stay at it is basically on the beach and has a tennis court and a pool. It also has really nice balcony views of the beach from your room and is a really nice hotel. I love going there and the rooms are really nice.
This is a picture of Zoomers amusement park which is really fun, they have roller coasters go karts, mini golf, and an arcade. It is 10 minutes away from my hotel and we go there every time we go to Fort Myers.
This is a picture of the Fort Myers Beach boardwalk. We go there almost every night to eat or just walk around and enjoy the beautiful sunset or just watch drunk people do stupid things.
This is a picture of Sanibel Island which is a beach where theirs shells instead of sand. It hurts to walk on barefoot but is fun to find cool shells.
This is a picture of lightning in Fort Myers, there a lot of thunderstorms in the summer

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