The Future Is In Your Tiny Hands, From Crazytown by Jonathan Rand • Directed by Colleen Dennis and Maggie Gorman • Ali Zanders, Olivia Egan, Mike Murphy, Anthony Ostermayer, Emily Osborne, James Shorten

Nothing to Write About, Written & Directed by Griffin Willner and Abby Bermeo • Maria Serra, Isabella Hussar, Maddie Suk, Leila Brolly

Just Regular People, By Carl L. Williams • Directed by Emily Osborne • Sara Sexton, Aidan Callari, Cailan Compierchio, Emily Wynne

The New Mrs. Jones, By James Armstrong • Directed by Cailan Compierchio • Sarah Wynne • Jack McHugh • Renata Curcio • Sofia Albanese

Who’s On Alpha?, By Matt Thompson • Directed by Renata Curcio • Audrey Ng, Daphne Glatter

Those Left Behind, Written & Directed by Aidan Callari • Sawyer Conlon, Francesca Valle, Griffin Willner


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