You might've heard that J.R. Tucker is getting renovated, but there's more to it.... Tucker is getting completely rebuilt! Yes, you're reading correctly, completely rebuilt! We interviewed Dr. Robert Lowerre last Friday, and he let us in on the details. From what he told us the school should be started in 2018 and be finished by 2021. The school will have two stories, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, and more. Everything in the school will be new and upgraded. I'm talking about some of the newest technology like automatic windows, doors, Apple computers, Samsung TV's, etc. There will be new desks, chairs, gym equipment, sports equipment, you name it! They're even talking about upgrading food and giving more options. Supposedly uniforms will be given out to the students. All the old things will be either donated or recycled. He even mentioned that there is going to be new faculty members added. He did not however, tell us where the students will go while the school is being rebuilt. Now this all sounds very expensive doesn't it? The school will be given a certain amount of money to spend on the project. The school will also be holding fundraisers and collecting as much money as they can from games and such. Many students and teachers are very happy with this decision, although many of the current students will already have graduated by the time it does get rebuilt. What do other schools think about this? I think I see a little bit of jealousy that Tucker is going to be the newest school around aye?

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