Egypt and the mummification process

Objectives: by the end of today students will be to explain how the Egyptians were buried. Students will be able to compare how ancient Egypt buried their dead, and how we burry our dead.

Egypt is a Middle Eastern country located in northeast Africa. It is at the center of the Arab world


A mummy is a dead body whose skin and flesh have been preserved by either intentional or incidental exposure to chemicals, extreme cold, very low humidity, or lack of air when bodies are submerged in bogs

Egyptians believed that the body was the connection to a spiritual existence in the afterlife. The body was mummified so that the spirit could get the basics needs in the afterlife. Supernatural spells were placed on sculptures incase the body was damaged so the soul could continue to have their needs met.

Mummification was a long and costly process. A tomb would have to be built, and items would have to be collected to put in the tomb. In the old kingdom this process was mainly for pharaoh and his advisors. That is because this is a costly process

There would be an embalmer who would remove the internal organs and prepare the body. This process would often be done in a workshop close to the tomb and would take approximately 70 days

The organs are removed first because they are the first to decompose in the body. The liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines are washed and packed in natron (that dries them out). The heart is left in the body, they believe that you are judged with your heart in the afterlife. A hook is used to smash your brain and pull it out through the nose.

After the body is dried out (that takes about 40 days) the body is washed with the Nile River, and the organs are wrapped and returned to the body. Then they start to wrap the body. They would start with the head and then move to the fingers and toes to be individually wrapped. Next the arms and legs are wrapped. Then the rest of the body. Next the arms and legs are tied together with a book of the dead placed in between them. Then the body is entirely wrapped again in one cloth and it is time for the funeral.

  • Three basic ways to preserve the dead:
  • Remove all the body organs except the heart.
  • Rub the body with special oils.
  • Wrap the body in linen cloth.

Mummification was originally a natural process , which the dryness of the sand where the body was buried, the heat or coldness of the climate, or the absence of air in the burial helped to produce unintentional mummies.

Time to Kahoot.


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