Colonial New Jersey

Colonial America, a time in history that can be thought of as a miracle for Europeans with many opportunities for a new and better life. Throughout my years as an explorer I have seen the vast variety of culture and geography in our beloved thirteen colonies. Without a doubt, New Jersey is the most magnificent place to spend your life. From the Atlantic Ocean being just a few miles away, to their rich soils, I couldn't think of anything superior to the beauty of New Jersey. This is why you need to come to New Jersey, home of Lord Berkeley. Established in 1664 this colony is without a doubt the best to move to. Come and explore the Jersey shore.

Fun Fact: New Jersey is named after the isle of Jersey in the British isles which is where George Carteret was born.

Geography in Colonial New Jersey: New Jersey is a land of rich soil and forests, the lumber we get from our forests helps us build homes in our cities and all throughout New Jersey. We have long growing seasons which are very benificial for our farmers we can grow lots of cash crops and grain. We also have two easily navigable rivers for our fishing fellows. We have a vast shore which provides a great place for harbors and fishing.

Fun fact: New Jersey was third to ratify the constitution

Economy: In our colony we have many forests, rivers, rich soil, and livestock. This gives opportunities for countless jobs in the industries of manufacturing and farming. In our farms we provide our people with umpteen amounts of wheat and other produce. In our manufacturing industries we creat vast amounts of ships and iron products. In New Jersey we have tons of farms and forests , but we also have two major cities. Trenton and Princeton.

Fun fact: New Jersey was once split into West Jersey and East Jersey the west side was owned by the quakers who bought the land.

Society: In New Jersey boys go to school every day while their parents work. Girls however cannot attend school unless they are of the Quakers religious beliefs. New Jersey welcomes all ethnicities; Swedes, English, French, and Dutch. Our schools are largely religious so what religion you practice factors into what school you attend.

Religion: New Jersey welcomes all types of religions such as Christians, Jews, Puritans, Lutherans, and many others. In our colony everyone can participate in the religion they choose however people of certain religious groups cannot vote in certain decisions. Our colony tolerated all religions as that was one of the main reasons people settled in New Jersey rather than other colonies.

Fun Fact: New Jersey was the first to ratify the Bill Of Rights.

Government: We have had many fascinating leaders over the years with the likes of Sir George Carteret, Governor Edward Hyde, Phillip Carteret, and for a short period of time the Governor of New York, as our governor, was found to be corrupt and sent back to England. Our colony was founded by Sir George Carteret and he was given the land by James, Duke of York. New Jersey had a Charter which was a written agreement between the colony and the King of England. Charters of royal colonies provided for direct rule by the king. Our colony had propietrary leadership. The proprieters were Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret and they had the choice of who got to be governor and represent the colony.

Fun Fact: The first settlements in New Jersey were made by the Dutch along the western bank of the Hudson, with one on the Delaware at Fort Nassau; but these settlements were insignificant.

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