Welcome To Kentucky The bluegrass state

Mammoth Cave is the largest known cave system in the in the world. It stretches for at least 400 miles (644 kilometers) underground. More than 2 million people visit this cave every year.

Visitors to the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park can walk along the same trail that Daniel Boone used to lead settlers into Kentucky.

Am I the only one who sees that fat lump of fur back there?

Kentucky Derby Museum

The Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs in Louisville gives visitors a look at this famous horse racetrack. Visitors can see the track, the fancy places where the wealthy watch the race, and exhibits about the history of this famous race.

Awesome by night.

Regular by day.

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge spans over the Ohio river, connecting Cincinnati, Ohio, and Covington, Kentucky. When it opened in 1866 it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. It measured 1,057 feet (322 meters). Roebling also designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

When I think of Kentucky, I think of chicken. But I know that it was a state of natives, including Daniel Boone, that walked this land from the 1620's to today.

Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky

Did you know that were many famous people from Muhammad Ali and Abraham Lincoln to Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence.

This represents the four major crops they had back then: tobacco, soybeans, corn, and wheat.

The navy blue flag pictures the state seal. On it a frontiersman and a statesman are shaking hands to show they can help everyone by working together. Goldenrod, the state flower, is at the lower half of the picture.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

Did you know that the state gemstone is the freshwater pearl, state wild animal is the gray squirrel, and state rock is the Kentucky agate.

The rock is such a beautiful site.

On the day of June 1, 1792. And the population is about 3.7 million people.


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