Feudal Japan Explaining one social role in feudal japan

Adobe Slate is a new tool that will make your infographic more interactive and even more "book like". You might choose to illustrate a collage, or just have individual pictures. You can also choose to make a glideshow. I am giving you examples of all three of these, so you can get a sense of what they are like. Read the text, to know the steps in the process.

FYI, you can add text as a caption or as a separate component with a grid or photo.

Step one is review your research: Look at your research and determine what information you need to complete the assignment.

Step two is organize your thought: Decide what order you want to share the information about your character's role and life in Feudal Japan.

Step three is choose graphics: Find and/or create pictures, graphs, and charts that match each portion of your information. Be creative in looking for images. You might be surprised what will represent your facts. Don't be afraid to consider actions as well as the person.

As far as graphs and charts go, you might need to bust out your drawing skills. What facts do you have that can be represented visually, but not by a picture? What should that graph/chart be?

Step four is determining the layout: This is where you will have to make some tough choices. Look at sample slates and tentatively decide what you want your slate to look like. Sketch your layout on paper. Label the various components (grid, individual photo, glideshow), so it is clear what you were thinking when you go to create.

Step five is create your infograpic: Jump in with both feet and be creative.

As you create, make sure you are attentive to the rubric.

Step six is proofread and publish: Proofread your text, and make it error free. Then preview one more time before you publish. Once you have published your slate (make it private), attach the link in Classroom.


Created with images by InvictusOU812 - "Matsumoto Castle" • sfbaywalk - "The Tokugawa Princess Yo-hime from series Lives of Modern People (Kinsei Jimbutsu Shi)" and photos taken by Jennifer Utt.

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