Commonly Confused Words By Audrina HENRY

The List of the Most Common Confused Words

  1. Their, There, and They're
  2. Its & It's
  3. Who's & Whose
  4. Good & Well
  5. Affect & Effect
  6. Accept & Except

There vs Their vs They're

There - The opposite of here, it means "in that place" not here. Or it can mean "there is/ there are" shows something that exists.

Sammy : Where is my hamburger? Jessica : It's over there.

There are many cities in California. There is a state right by California.

They're - basically they are just put together. They're is usually before an adjective or a verb ending in ING.

Tina's group is singing loudly, they're louder than Micheal's group.

Their - is a possessive adjective which is used before a noun.

All of their moms went on a spa date. The children put their books in their mini lockers.

It's vs Its

It's - Is short for it is or it has. Can't be used for anything else.

It's been raining for a week, and now it's starting to hail.

Its - Used for his and her. They are all possessive adjectives.

These are her fries. These are its footprints.

Who's vs Whose

Whose - a possessive form of who.

A mother in law whose visit never comes to a end. Whose house was expensive?

Who's - a contraction of either who is or who has.

Who's coming to fix the bed? I met the teacher who's teaching my child.

Good vs Well

Good - an adjective.

You did a good job. It seems pretty good to stand by you.

Well - is an adverb answering the questions how.

I feel well. You did the job well.

Affect vs Effect

Affect - Is a verb meaning to transform or to change.

Did the cold affect you? Do not use cheese. It will affect the taste.

Effect - A noun meaning outcome and appearance.

What effect did your project have? That is a nice effect for the tv show.

Accept vs Except

Accept - is a verb.

The man accepts to receive information in order to process the car he wants. I accept she may have been tired, but that's no excuse.

Except - most commonly seen as a preposition.

I can resist anything except temptation. It has been said that democracy is by far the worst form of government except all the others that have tried it.

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