Tech Trouble 1 - Something internally in the computer has broke

Here is the inside of a desktop. There are many things that could go wrong in here, like, too much dust on inside of PC, cords aren’t plugged in on the inside of the PC, hardware is broke, wires are damaged on the inside, PSU or CPU overheated, wrong country setting, electrical shortages, or there is water damage. Unless you know how to fix computers, you should go to a computer repair place where experts can help you.

Tech Trouble 2 - You have a virus

There are many ways you could have got a virus. You could have downloaded something with a virus or you clicked on a pop up. If you do get a virus, try deleting it and do what your antivirus tells you what to do. If that doesn't work, call tech support or take it to a computer expert.

Tech Trouble 3 - Computer won't connect to wifi

There are a few reasons why your computer won't connect to the wifi. Make sure that if you use ethernet (wired wifi) that the cord is plugged in. If you have wireless, make sure that you are trying to connect to the correct network. Make sure that your wifi is turned on as well. If you are still having issues, restart your computer. If it still doesn't work, click the button below.

Tech Trouble 4 - Cords

Cords can be a pain in computers. They could be unplugged, causing your computer not to work. They could also be cut or damaged, causing shorts. You can fix these easily by plugging the cords back in or getting new cords if the current cords are damaged.

Tech Trouble 5 - Software problems

This is different from a virus. It could be that your software is out of date and needs updated. The solution is very simple, you update it.

Tech Trouble 6 - Moniter Troubles

Your moniter could have an issue. It is usually thst one of the cords isn't plugged in, but sometimes, if it is an old moniter, it could be burned out. It means that the moniter is dead and that you have to get a new one.

Tech Trouble 7 - Keyboard Troubles

Your keyboard is easy to fix. It is mainly cords that can come unplugged. Plug them back in. Sometimes, one or two of your keyboard keys is broken. Take them to a tech expert to see if you can get them fixed.

Tech Trouble 8 - Mouse Troubles

There aren't too many things that can go wrong with mice. Usually the batteries inside the mouse are dead. Sometimes, the buttons break after a lot of use. If the buttons break then you have to buy a new mouse.

Tech Trouble 9 - Dust

Dust kills electronics. Make sure to dust your computer every 2-4 months. Used canned air. Sometimes, the dust can do damage beyond repair. Sometimes, it may look like the computer is dead even though you've dusted it, but you may have to take things apart to dust them. If this is so, take it to a computer expert.

Tech Trouble 10 - Cords

Cords can be a pain. Ususally they just come unplugged. Sometimes, dust can get into the ports and block connections. Other times, the cords reach the end of their life span and stop working.


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