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The variety of wooden toys

There are several types of wooden toys that are available. The ones above are examples of vehicle models, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles and pulley toys. Below is a video that shows how pulley toys work.

  • There are more types of wooden toys such as ride along toys, like rocking horses.
  • Board games, such as chess, checkers, backgammon.
  • Musical instruments like maracas or xylophones.
  • Wooden doll houses or village models.

History of wooden toys

Wooden toys have been around for centuries. The wooden block was invented in 1693 an has been encouraging small children to master new abilities through open-ended play.

Wooden toys started being produced in Germany mainly, because timber is cheap and skills exist over there.

The jigsaw came into fashion in 1767. The jigsaw encouraged shape recognition and enhanced motor skills in developing children.

Toy shops selling wooden toys then started appearing in 1891 where they sold toy trains and tracks mostly.

Advantages of Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are better than other materials such as plastic because they are safer an more durable. Here at Wooden Tip Toys, our wood is light in colour, smooth to touch and treated with natural linseed oil. Durable and sturdy – our toys are built to last.

Wooden toys always hold memories for the children using them. If you have one of your old wooden toys out on display in your home, you'll hardly have a visitor walk past them without picking them up to take a trip down memory lane.

Wood lasts a lot longer than anything plastic can offer. We say they can last for over four generations. Nothing can beat a solid wood toy where the power, graphics and sounds are provided by the child alone.

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