Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Pros and Cons

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that can be stored and will never run out, renewable energy come from natural resources like sun, wind and biomass.


Wind Turbines are good because they are ever lasting resources and they do not produce green house gases like CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. They work by getting the wind kinetic energy and transferring it into electricity to power homes. Wind Turbines can be very effective.

But there are some problems with wind turbines, for example some people think that turbines are ugly and wreck the view of the land, the national trust might think it destroyed animal habitats aswell. Also they are good and effective on windy days, when it's not windy they don't work well.

Solar Energy

Solar Panels are good because they are a renewable energy and they use the power of the sun to heat up the water tanks which eventually turns into electricity that is stored for when you need it. These are one of the most reliable renewable energy there is. You can even own your own solar energy known as solar panels which you can put on your roof.

But solar panels are not always effective resource because they can only work if the Suns light rays can get to them so if it is cloudy they do not work so you have to make sure that a bit of sun light gets to them or they would be a waste of money.

Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy is good because it uses plants and trees to use for energy they do this by burning them or turning them into a different type of biomass some examples would be thermal or chemical. This is good because when we grow plants we grow gets wasted anyway so we could use it to create biomass energy. Some biomass energy could come from:


Bad things about biomass energy is that it is very expensive to do because of the land you need to grow all the crops, also you produce one type of green house gas which is methane because of the animals also biomass energy is not as effective as fossils fuels.

Non-renewable energy

Non-Renewable energy is fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gases but these make green house gases like CO2 and methane. They will eventually run out

Nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants are good because it is a very effective way and they can be used to make electricity for a lot of people and they are used by heating water to create steam and the steam is what powers the turbines that will spin and power the generators which creates electricity. The fuel for nuclear power stations are uranium.

But this is bad because this uses radioactive materials and if there is an accident there would be a leak and it could kill a lot of people. Also it produces green house gases which is what we need to stop. This also produces radiation which is bad for the inviroment and human health is put at risk. Also this costs a lot of money to do.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels (coal, crude oil and natural gases) are good because they are one of the most effective ways of getting electricity to power homes. They are also easy to find and transport through pipes.

But they are bad because they pollute the world rapidly with greenhouse gases being made from them also if your are transporting oil on ships and it crashes there would be massive leaks in the ocean which is bad for sea animals. Mining the coal destroys animal habitats and kills some animals.

Crude oil

IN CONCLUSION. We should change to renewable energy because eventually the fossil fuels will run out and they are destroying the world by warming it up and sea level rise eventually it will become terrible but if we change to renewable it will solve global warming but it will take a while to be effective and the world will become a happy place😊


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