Argentina By: Periyanna moore

Who's: Famous?

Sergio Aguero: Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known and famous for playing soccer.

What:Do They Celebrate?

The country of Argentina celebrate many holidays and traditions. Such as: Independence Day (July 9), National Flag Day (June 20), and the death of General José San Martín (August 17)

When: Did Argentina Win The World Cup?

Argentina has a great soccer team. Argentina national soccer team has appeared in five FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cups. Including the first final in 1930, and 1978 (when they won their first world cups) beating the Netherlands, and its second world cup in 1986 defeating West Germany. They also made it in 1990, and 2014

Where: is Argentina?

Argentina is located in the southern part of South America. The eastern part of the country borders the Atlantic Ocean, while the western part shares a long border with Chile. To the north and northeast, Argentina shares a border with Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Why: Is Argentina a Great Place to Visit?

Argentina is a great place to visit because, there are great places to stay, and great sites to visit. Iguazu Falls (where to stay) Buenos Aires also the capital and the most beautiful city, or Cordoba, Argentina. If you want to go on a nice tour you can visit Los Glaciers or Glacier National Park. Argentina is know for the Appalachian Mountains.


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