Upgrading to the latest The epidemic facing teenagers of the 21st Century

We all like to have the latest technology

However, the newest technology is costing us something

We are going into debt and trowing out our money

It's becoming an epidemic with teens and technology

We are becoming too obsessed with technology

We are beginning our further descent into the materialistic mindset of our society

Parents need to teach their children the value of what they have, not what they want


Created with images by blickpixel - "board computer chip" • Pexels - "apple display iphone" • Unsplash - "home office workstation office" • id:takefumi - "DSC00563" • FirmBee - "apple imac ipad" • Cooperweb - "Money" • Tax Credits - "Money Hand" • garryknight - "Texting on a Friday" • stimpsonjake - "The Youth of Europe" • Enokson - "Impromptu Laptop Location" • FirmBee - "iphone visa business" • tinou bao - "shopping" • FearfulStills - "Descending" • QuotesEverlasting - "''If you are really a product of a materialistic universe, how is it that you don't feel at home there-'' - C.S. Lewis"

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