Egyptian Research Project - Ginger By Siyoda

A Brief Introduction

The Gebelein Man, more commonly known as Ginger is a well known Egyptian mummy. He was nicknamed Ginger due to his significant hair colour and how well preserved he was. When Ginger was found his hair was a reddish orange colour, therefore he was given this name.

More Information

Ginger was an Egyptian mummy who scientists believe lived in the era 3500BC. His body was discovered in a shallow grave in 1896 in the hot Egyptian sands. It is believed that Ginger lived near the Nile River and around 25 kilometres south of Thebes. He was not royalty however after he was found be became well known.

Cause of Death

The main cause of death is believed to be murder. According to various scans, scientists have found out that the Gebelein Man was around 18 - 20 years old at the time of murder. According to various scans, we can see that Ginger was stabbed in the back with a blade of copper which was around 5 inches long. As the scans show, scientists have determined that Ginger was alive at the time of murder because it shows that the shattered bones still remained in the tissue at the time of the incident. The fact that the chance of these injuries healing was very unlikely, this made it harder for Ginger to survive.

How The Body was Preserved

Although Ginger died a long time ago, his body is still in fairly good condition. This is mainly due to the heat of the sand. Since the Egyptian sand was very hot, is made his skin very crispy and dry and made it much harder for infections and diseases to eat up his body. According to scientific research, the hot sand dried 75% of the body's moisture and therefore preventing bacteria to breed.

Goods He was Buried With

Most wealthy Egyptians are buried with golds and fine items of pottery as a tradition. Although the Gebelein Man was not of royalty, he too did have many goods buried with him in his shallow grave. Most of these items were pots filled with food as an offering for the gods in the afterlife. Egyptians believed that in the afterlife, if you offered a wealthy object or something useful, you would go in to a heaven and have another life.

Ginger's Present Location

Ginger can currently be viewed by anyone at the British Museum. The original mummy is displayed however it is unable to be touched or handled. The museum staff have added a new digital touch screen to allow visitors to investigate further into his life and death. With this amazing device it is possible to slit his body into sections and look at each part in detail such as the brain, outer skin etc.


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Siyoda Jayawardene

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