Mapping Culture IT 325B

Welcome to the Mapping Culture site, where you will have a chance to learn and discover different lifestyles from every corner in the world.
During this lesson you will become familiar with different places on a map and learn about cultures from countries around the world. By the end of this lesson you will see how differently we all live depending on our location on the map. use the following guide to help lead you through this project...

First: before beginning on your research of your choice of country, you will be watching a short video about kids just like you from around the world.

second: Pick any country from around the world, and you will be researching about their culture. examples-Language, foods, arts, and their environment. You will find great information here on the National Geographic kids

Here are more websites you can use for your research: TIME Magazine, On A world of Cultures website you are able to click on the country you choose to find great facts.

Third: On a white poster you will draw 3 pictures that you think capture your countries culture. You are going to need a pencil to sketch you drawings, colors or markers to color when you finish. Make sure you draw on the top space of your poster so that you have room at the bottom to write your facts.

Fourth: after you have finished your drawings make sure to write your 3-4 facts you found on your country. write your name on the back of the poster and when you are finished share with your class about your country.

Watch this video to learn all the countries in the world!


Created with images by Pexels - "architecture blank page maps" • Niyaz from Baku - "Azerbaijan national dances - Yallı" • CrissyTX - "eiffel tower paris france" • MangoTraveler - "taj mahal heritage india" • GOEducationalTours - "statue of liberty new york city liberty" • RussBowling - "Puebla, Mexico" • Alexas_Fotos - "different nationalities children human" • Pexels - "art arts and crafts blank"

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