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In total there are 65million girls around the world out of education who should be in school, that number is the same as the entire population of the UK. Companies like "action aid" and "plan U.K." are trying to help this issue however need much more support to make this bigger change

This map shows the world distribution of the excess male over female enrolment in primary education (the bigger the country is displayed the bigger the excess)

Girls education has been a long fight due to the existence of gender inequality. Some of the many reasons girls cannot attend school are:

The cost of education

The cost of textbooks, uniforms and even transport is too much for a lot of families and if given the choice they would rather send their sons to school than their daughters as their daughters can stay at home and do housework.

Dangers and Violence

Many parents worry that if there is a long distance to travel to get to school that their daughters may get attacked on their way. They also worry about the safety of their daughters when they arrive at school and some even think of teachers as a threat.


Gender inequality has been going on for years and in underprivelaged areas it is believed that it is girls who are supposed to do housework and collect water. Some parents will prioritise this over school.

Poverty and Health

Child health is a growing worry and due to lack of clean water and nourishing food many girls are not healthy enough to even attend school

Marriage and Pregnancy

In certain countries it is normal for girls to get married of at a young age in return for money. This usually means they are pulled out of school so they can do housework and provide for their husbend. Child pregnancy is also common in some countries and if a child becomes pregnant while in school they are usually "advised" to not attend during the pregnancy and then have to leave school when the baby is born to help provide for them.

17 million out of the 31 million girls that do not attend primary school are expected to never attend school or get education

There are 774million illiterate people in the world. Two thirds of these are female. This means there are around 516 million illiterate females in the world which is almost double the population of the USA.

My information is provided from non-profit charities like UNICEF, UNESCO, action aid, plan UK. If you would like to visit these sites or donate the links will be below or at the top of the page.

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