Week 7 Autumn Term one

We had maths, reading and writing assessments this week.

We know The Fire of London started in the baker’s shop. In mantle, we asked the ‘King’s Bakers’ who forgot to clear out the oven and sweep away all of the ashes. The children decided that whoever it was should be punished. Someone confessed and said they were sorry, they did not mean to cause the fire. We discussed whether is was right to punish someone if they didn’t mean to do it. A lot of children changed their mind after listening to each other’s ideas. Great thinking! I was very impressed.

We looked all over for Thomas Farriner, the baker. When we found him, he was safe but he was sad that the baker’s had burned down.

The ‘King’s Bakers’ spoke to King Charles ll. They told him they could not make any more bread as the bakery had burned down. Charles ll said the most important thing to do was to put the fire out and stop it spreading.

Challenge - we know they used squirts, leather buckets and fire hooks to put the fire out. Find out what else they used to stop the fire spreading.

We love a good dance in Year 2! This pattern dance is from GoNoodle. We have some really good movers 😁.

In maths we have been continuing patterns and and creating some of our own.

Oliver was great at repeating pattern. His own was quite complicated!
Learning to draw a spider web pattern. It’s trickier than it sounds! We found it difficult to make the curved lines curve the right way. Our class reader is Charlotte’s Web so we plan to make a colourful web display. Watch this space!
Our Lexia stars this week.

Have a lovely half term, everyone! See you on 2nd November.