AIC Girls School 2015-2016 Projects by Carefree Women

The AIC school is a public primary boarding school in Kenya. Most of the students are from the Maasai community as this is their land. Of the 700 girls that attend the school, there is a special program… the “Bride Rescue Program” that currently assists about 125 students This program was created in 1986 to rescue young girls from harmful cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (circumcision) and early marriage. The girls make their own choice of leaving their families and villages to make their way to this incredible school to get an education and respite from early forced marriage. Early forced marriages are quite common as the fathers of these girls decide they would be better off being someone’s wife in exchange for some cows and money for her dowry

The girls arrive at the school with little clothing and no possessions. The teachers take them shopping, and with the support of donations, they take care of their basic needs - food, clothing, textbooks, school and personal supplies. Over the years, Carefree women have sent many school supplies, clothing and monetary donations to help supply the basic needs of the rescued girls at the primary school. Some have sponsored individual students so that they may attend secondary school. Currently, there are 19 girls we are sponsoring.

Seven students are enrolled in the boarding programs at AIC primary and nearby Grace Nanana School, a new school started by Priscilla Nangurai, original founder of the Bride Rescue Program. Thirteen girls are attending various secondary schools throughout Kenya thanks to their sponsors.

Lucy Eunice Ayako is one of the youngest girls sponsored. She was found begging for food with her baby sister on her back. She is now completing her last term of first grade.

Michelle Sereti Kanderi, with teacher Hellen Inoti, is completing her second year of high school.

An AIC girl with all of the supplies she must take with her to her new secondary boarding school - including plate and utensils and a mattress.
A Masai mother brings her daughter to school to avoid the arranged marriage planned by the girl's father.

The Kenyan school year has three terms. The students have 2-3 week breaks between each term and most girls go home for these holidays. However, the girls in the rescue program cannot return home for fear of forced marriage or abuse. During these breaks, the girls are taught things such as cooking, embroidery and beadwork, which earn them a little income for their personal needs. We send extra money at this time to provide food and basic supplies for the girls in the program.

Girls in the rescue program at the school for their spring holiday.

Funds we send help provide nutritious meals for the girls during their break.

We also help buy necessary toiletries for the girls.

And lots of produce and other food supplies.

The girls are so eager to learn and to share what they are learning.

They truly understand the importance of their education.

A dorm at the school. Donated mosquito nets have had a major impact in the fight against malaria.

Teacher Hellen gives a check to headmistress Catherine for a special project we have undertaken - the Shamba Project.

When we visited the AIC Girls School in October of 2014, the Shamba Project (Garden Project) was the one thing that the teachers and administrators thought would benefit the girls the most. The school had a garden plot, but without a fence, domestic and wild animals reaped the benefits rather than the girls. At an estimated cost of $10,000 the project was only a dream. Members of the safari group were determined to make that dream a reality. An educational program about the school was held in March of 2015 at the Clubhouse Salon at the Resort on Carefree Boulevard. One of the safari group members, Carolyn Boran, pledged $1000 to get the project started, challenging others to do the same. By the end of the afternoon, the $10,000 goal had been met.

Preparation for the fence

Sturdy corner posts

Fence posts are in place and the ground is readied for planting.

Completed section of the fence.

A new water tank is constructed to irrigate the garden.

Hellen shows off the emerging corn stalks.

A successful season!

Harvesting the corn crop.

Additional funds were raised for a special Christmas celebration for the girls. Teacher Hellen went shopping and picked out something special for each girl. Most of the outfits included leggings that the girls found quite stylish. The girls come to the school with few possessions and items of clothing. To have something new, never worn by anyone else, rather than mission donations and hand-me downs is a present they will treasure.

The new clothes were the first Christmas present most girls had ever received.

The girls then went to a nearby hotel where a special meal was prepared just for them.

French fries were a rare treat - another first for many of them.

Sodas of various flavors were another favorite for the girls.

The smiles say it all.

Thanks to all of the women who have contributed in various ways to make a difference in the lives of these girls.

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