Northern Renaissance By: Colin Kenneally

Facts about the Northern Renaissance

  • The Renaissance first began to spread across Europe just after the devastating Black
  • Some of the regions which the Renaissance idea spread to were the Netherlands, Germany, and the region of Flanders
  • The word "renaissance" in French means "rebirth"

Durer: The Northern Painter

  • Durer made a name for himself during the Renaissance Age because of his high quality woodcut prints
  • Durer's style of work became very popular during the Renaissance, which led to it's spread across Europe.

The German Painter: Holbein

  • Holbein died from the plague in 1543, in London
  • Holbein was mainly influenced by his father Han to paint high quality portraits during the Renaissance

Flemish Painter: Van Eyck

  • Van Eyck was well known for his oil paintings, which spread throughout the Renaissance
  • Van Eyck was the very first Flemish Renaissance painter

Flemish Painter: Bruegel

  • Bruegel had a very unique style of painting, which became very popular during the Renaisance
  • He was known for his many paintings detailed landscapes, and his paintings of the townspeople
One of Bruegel's paintings of the townspeople

Christian Humanist: Erasmus

  • Erasmus believed that everybody should've studied the bible. He thought it was the key to bringing people closer together during the Renaissance
  • The Holland native wrote a book called The Praise of Folly
  • "By a Carpenter mankind was made, and only by that Carpenter can mankind be remade."

Christian Humanist: More

  • More was likely to have been influenced by the half century of Italian and Northern European humanism
  • He was born in England
  • "See me safe up: for in my coming down, I can shift for myself"

Christine de Pizan

  • Christine de Pizan's daughter was a nun for twenty two years
  • De Pizan's father taught literature, and some other subjects
  • De Pizan wrote La Cité de Dame and Le Livre du Trésor de la Cité de Dame


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