Kappa Psi Northwest Province Fall Newsletter 2018

Satrap Justin Fernando Province Address

Greetings Brothers of the Northwest Province,

This year is going by so quickly and so much has happened in the last few months. First off, I want to congratulate the Brothers of Zeta Omicron for hosting such a fun Province Assembly. I had an absolute blast and have received great feedback from Brothers within and outside of our Province. Zeta Omicron provided all of us with great hospitality and I am proud of how far their chapter has come since their chartering.

Many of our Collegiate Chapters attended the Leadership Symposium in July and your NWP EC was able to cover the registration for each chapter’s ambassador. I cannot wait to see how our Brothers use what they learned at the Symposium to improve our Province.

Communication was something that I really wanted to build on during my term as Satrap and I believe we are doing a fantastic job. I have started having individual check-ins with each Regent, so I can learn about what each chapter is up to. This will ultimately allow for better communication between myself and all the chapters. I am planning to have another Regent conference call by the end of December and am encouraging the members of the NWP EC to do the same with their respective position.

I am excited to announce that our Province is getting bigger! Vancouver Grad will be chartered at Winter Province Assembly, which is just around the corner. I hope to see you all come out and support this new chapter. More information about Winter Province Assembly will be out shortly.

Good luck with the pledging process! I am looking forward to meeting all our new Brothers that we welcome to Kappa Psi. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me, I would love to hear from you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Justin N. Fernando

Northwest Province Satrap

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc.

Chapter Rush Events

Epsilon Xi

"This hike is one event that Epsilon Xi holds annually. This year we had a turnout of about 30 people, brothers and rushees included, and everyone had a good time enjoying nature and getting to know each other. Encountering and a few banana slugs on the way (thanks brother Dave Lindqvist for saving them on the trail), we made it to the top of the hike where we took photos around the mansion and the great view of Portland."

Gamma Eta

"One of our most exciting and enjoyable rush events is our Rush Tailgate. Gamma Eta has a tailgate spot at our home football games, which is a fun way to show our school and Kappa Psi spirit while meeting fellow classmates in a laidback atmosphere. We BBQ and play games, and our Dean (who happens to be our GCD) and other professors join us before the football game kicks off. The first tailgate of the year is free to P1’s and other students who want to rush Kappa Psi, and we try to get a large number of current brothers in attendance to meet the P1s and talk to them about joining the Kappa Psi Brotherhood."

Zeta Omicron

"One rush event that we have always enjoyed as a chapter is the CV Review event. Active brothers all bring their CV to share and a faculty member presents a PowerPoint that goes over the components of a CV. The students who are rushing can follow along and start to build their own CV while the faculty member is presenting. Once the presentation is over, active brothers go around and share their CV’s with the students who are rushing. They also help edit the other student’s Resume/CV and give tips and advice on how they can improve it. Afterwards, everyone enjoys eating some pizza together. It is a wonderful event that shows the incoming class that Kappa Psi brothers are always there to offer 99 hands."

Epsilon Chi

"One rush event that is a fun tradition in our chapter is to hold a scavenger hunt. A few rushees are paired up with one brother, and each team has one hour to find items, locations, or people to take pictures with according to a predetermined list. For example, one such item, a large leaf, always challenges our teams to look in unusual locations to obtain it, with some entertaining results. Overall, the scavenger hunt is a fun and energetic way for our brothers to get acquainted with the rushees, and it is interesting to see how each team works together to accomplish their task."

Epsilon Pi

"Epsilon Pi recently completed the first ritual for our Iota pledge class. Right before the ritual our pledges took their midterm and all of them passed thanks to the hard work of our chaplain Megan LaCrone. We had great attendance at the first ritual by our local graduate chapter and even some brothers that were not a part of Epsilon Pi chapter which is amazing. After the First Ritual we celebrated with a potluck social put on by the pledge class. It was a great opportunity for the brothers and the pledges to get to know each other a little better."

Delta Mu

"Brother Cierra Healey is a 2nd year that came up with the idea to have a weekly calendar uploaded to the Delta Mu page every week. With school being extremely time consuming, having a weekly calendar uploaded every week with events happening has been a great way to keep members updated. This is the first time our chapter is doing a weekly calendar, and it is a a new tradition we hope to continue."

Beta Pi

"Luau BBQ is one of the most popular rush events for Beta PI. Brothers and Rushees gathered for a Hawaiian-themed night full of fun and food. The event had such a huge turn out where we almost weren’t able to fit everyone for a group pictures. Our brothers grilled hamburgers and hotdogs to give our Hawaiian-themed event a 4th of July feeling."

Beta Omicron

"This year, Pledge Educator arrange an incredibly special pledge event, in which the pledges would have to ask each other questions written by active Brothers. This event was intended for the pledges to get to know each other better, which was a great idea, since there are approximately 5 PY2 who are amongst 35 PY1s. Most of the pledges do not know each other that well, so this event was an opportunity for them to get to know each other better."

Province Fall Events

Epsilon Xi

"As an Epsilon Xi tradition, our brothers volunteered at the Oregon Food bank to prepare and package food items for those in the community who are at risk of food insecurity, which affects about 16% of families here in Oregon. Our brothers packaged nearly 3000 meals (about 50 meals per brother), totaling an astounding 3598 pounds of food. While this may not be a new event for our current brothers, our pledges were able to experience this for the first time."

Gamma Eta

"Our fundraising chair, Marley, has been working hard this semester to help us raise money to subsidize costs to travel to NWP in BC. We really want to increase our attendance at NWP Assembly and other province events, but we are often limited by travel and rooming fees. We are working on a swag/gear sale that will help us raise money and show our KY spirit."

Zeta Omicron

"We had many fun chapter events last month that fostered brotherhood and bonding. One of our events was a hike up the mountain. Brothers carpooled up Little Cottonwood Canyon to hike to a secluded and beautiful place called Cecret Lake. This trail was a short, 1.75 mile hike up to a lake on top of the mountain. Along the way, brothers enjoyed snacks and chatted about classes, rotations, and other events going on. It was a much-needed break from studying to enjoy some beautiful views and get some exercise."

Epsilon Chi

"As an initiative to foster brotherhood, Scholarship Committee Chair Victor Nguyen initiated the Notebook, a journal where a brother can write down any experiences he or she wants to pass on to future brothers. Our first keeper of the notebook is our Regent Jonny Sandoval, who will keep it until the next meeting when he bestows it upon another brother. As Victor stated, “Bonds are intangible. [This] journal is a physical space to connect one brother to another, and to let us pass on our experiences to those who come after us.” This is a creative method to foster the bonds of fellowship in a tangible form."

Delta Mu

"What a better way to let students learn a bit more about Kappa Psi than to get some breakfast at the same time! Kappa Psi brothers went the extra mile and made fresh pancakes for students to enjoy before class and during their breaks as well. Me along with many other members worked hard to keep the pancakes going as the lines grew, and tell some of the interested students more about Kappa Psi. The proceeds of the event also went to the Ronald McDonald house. It was a really fun experience, and we were able to connect with a lot of the new students entering the faculty, and of course who doesn’t love pancakes!"

Epsilon Pi

"The first social of Epsilon Pi was held at the Farmstead Corn Maze just down the road from campus. Every year since the brothers of Epsilon Pi gather there to make find their way out of the corn. Along with some of the brothers in the grad chapter we watched some piglets race for the title of the fastest pig. This year we went through the haunted maze at the Farmstead and had to put on brave faces as we were chased by all sorts of scary monsters. Everyone made it out of the haunted maze and strengthened the bonds of brotherhood."

Beta Pi

"Manito Park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Spokane, and a perfect place for Beta Pi brothers to gather for fun games and food. Brothers played football, frisbee, and all sorts of outdoor games. This was a great event for us to kick off the semester and catch up with brothers."

Beta Omicron

"Every year, it appears to be a Beta Omicron tradition to plan a hike as a rush event. This year, Pledge Educator Gilbert Ko took the bright sunny Seattle skies to his advantage and took the rushees to Discovery park. Due to its wide roads and open areas, Discovery Park offers room (literally and figuratively) for various conversations to occur. The active Brothers who went on the hike had positive feedback and would be a recommendation for next year’s rush process."

Chapter Brother Recognition

Epsilon Xi Dillon Thai

"Dillon Thai is a Brother who is always willing to give and help out with anything you ask of him. During fundraising week for professional jackets he tabled many times and always put efforts into making sales. During recruitment season he was always someone I could call for help with any small favors and know he would not only help me get it done, but would go above and beyond. Dillon is also a Brother who is genuinely friendly and approachable to everyone he meets. He is a Brother I am so proud to have in Epsilon Xi and a great representative of Brotherhood."

Gamma Eta Sarah Dykstra

"Sarah attended the Leadership Symposium in Texas this past summer to represent Gamma Eta. A member of our chapter had not attended this event in many years, so we were very pleased to have Sarah represent Gamma Eta, and Montana, at this national event. She met many brothers from the Northwest Province and the entire country, which was one of the best parts of the Symposium for her. She learned a lot about leadership and following your passions which she is happy to bring back and share with our brothers here at Gamma Eta."

Zeta Omicron Tiffany Chau

"Brother Tiffany Chau is a third-year pharmacy student that was initiated into Zeta Omicron as a member of the Gamma Class. She joined Kappa Psi as a 2nd year pharmacy student and won all of our hearts over. After crossing, she won the ‘Miss Congeniality’ award. Tiffany is the brother who is always there to help and always comes to every event that we hold. She always has a genuine smile on her face and will befriend anyone and everyone. She is currently on rotations and just finished up a rotation at Molina where she was involved heavily with MTM services. During her free time, Tiffany enjoys painting, hiking, and spending time with her brothers. We are so grateful that Tiffany joined us in the brotherhood."

Epsilon Chi Ashley Tran

"Brother Ashley Tran is a third-year pharmacy student that initiated into Epsilon Chi as a member of the Zeta Class. In addition to being one of the pledgemasters of our chapter, she holds numerous leadership positions in other student organizations at our college, such as Treasurer for Phi Lambda Sigma and Communications VP for APhA-ASP. As our brothers have mentioned, Ashley welcomes every brother with a big smile and is constantly churning out new ideas for ourchapter. She is fun and energetic, but still professional and respectful. Without her, Epsilon Chi would not be the same without her."

Delta Mu Kadaajah Johnson-Louis

"Brother Kadaajah Johnson-Louis is a 2nd year pharmacy student that was officially initiated into Delta Mu during her first year in the pharmacy program. She quickly took many leadership roles with organizing and contributing to the pledge project, and is currently the Pledgemaster/Chaplain for our chapter. Kadaajah was very warm and kind to every pledge and went above and beyond to make them feel welcome in such a difficult program. With other members organizing various pledge events, Kadaajah was great at corresponding with the different organizers to ensure a smooth and fun event for the pledges. She has truly stood out as a great leader in Delta Mu this year. Kadaajah also thought of doing a photobooth during the lunch hour where students could take photos showing their Class (Class of 2022). It was a really fun idea and got a lot more students interested in joining Kappa Psi."

Epsilon Pi James Berian

"Brother James Berain is currently busy with his fourth-year rotations but still manages to attend Kappa Psi events. Last year he served as the Chaplain for our chapter and did an excellent job and is one of the brothers that created an interested in joining Kappa Psi for myself and I am sure other brothers. James Berain also garnered the attention of the Idaho Graduate Chapter and of ISHP by winning both the poster presentation and local ASHP Clinical Skills Competition with his teammate. James and his teammate Tayler Smith will be representing ISU College of Pharmacy and Epsilon Pi at the national Clinical Skills Competition at Midyear. James sets a great example for his brothers to follow and really demonstrates the four pillars of Kappa Psi."

Beta Pi Jagandeep Sandhu

"Jagan AKA king of philanthropy, is one of the most productive officers in our executive board. His dedication and effort to help the community and help brothers to have the opportunity to serve the community has impressed everyone in our school. His unique ideas about philanthropy events has made him one of a kind. Everyone in Beta Pi is proud to have him not only as a brother but as someone who is an asset to the community."

Beta Omicron Jon Nguyen

For the month of October, Jon Nguyen was the appointed Brother of the Month. Brother Jon is the on Pledge committee this year and helped Pledge Educator Gilbert Ko with arranging all the rush and pledge events. One of the biggest rush events this year was the Rush barbeque, in which Brother Jon did all the grocery shopping for. Almost 60 people showed up to the barbeque, and thankfully there was enough food to feed everybody, all thanks to Jon!

Executive Committee Fun Facts

Satrap Justin Fernando; University of Washington

"I participated in the US National Laser Tag Tournament a few years ago. Our squad took 9th place in the nation."

Hometown: Federal Way, WA

Vice Satrap Chris Cheun; Pacific University

"I'm a die hard Laker fan, people have unfollowed me on Twitter because all they'll see is Lakers updates""

Hometown: Boise, ID

Secretary Lindsey Catlin; Idaho State University

"That is me with one of the alpakas I helped raise. My fun fact is that I used to raise prize show alpakas in Germany for the #1 European breeder. :)"

Hometown: Reno, NV

Chaplain Megan LaCrone; Idaho State University

"When attending the APhA Annual Meeting & Exposition in Nashville last spring my flight home was delayed due to tornadoes in the area. Two of my classmates and I decided to spend our extra day in Nashville getting tattoos of the Bowl of Hygeia during the thunderstorm and nearby tornado. :)"

Hometown: Boise, ID

Treasurer Shelley Jun; University of British Columbia

"The only McDonald's sandwich I eat is the Junior Chicken, which I recently found out is not available in the States. It's essentially a spicy mini McChicken."

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Historian Mark Nguyen; Washington State University

"I took a solo trip across Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, and Brussels) to find the true meaning of life."

Hometown: Torrance, CA

Webmaster Celine Wang; University of Washington

"I've visited 17 countries. I used to go to Vegas every month before undergrad."

Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

GCC Delegate Brittany Rivera; Pacific University

“I love Disney. I have been to Disneyland almost every year for the last 10 years.” “If you can dream it, you can do it”. -Walt Disney"

Hometown: Litchfield Park, AZ

Alternate GCC Delegate Alex To; University of Utah

"I have once won $1500 dollars getting 7th place in a 2200 man Magic: the Gathering Tournament."

Hometown: Norwalk, CA

Immediate Past Satrap Leslie Cacioppo; University of Utah

"I’ve been to 13 countries not including the US, I have a degree in music performance, and I’m marrying a Kappa Psi brother."

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Northwest Province Blood Drive

Thank you Northwest Chapters for participating in the Province blood drive! Awesome work by Province Chaplain Megan LaCrone for putting this together!

Next Philanthrophy Event: Northwest Province Food Drive

November through December

Northwest Province Winter Assembly; Vancouver, BC February 15th - 17th, 2018

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