Weekly Newsletter 20 November 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians

I hope you have all had a good week. As I said in my letter earlier in the week, I have had to oversee the running of the school from home this week and I can honestly say that I have missed being in school so much. It was great this morning to be able to see all the children in their classrooms via our weekly Zoom assembly and I cannot wait until I am back in school next Friday.

Each week the staff identify a member of the class who has really shone. This week our stars are:

European Union Settlement

Brexit has brought, and will continue to bring, changes to us as a country. As you will be aware we are getting close to the date when Brexit becomes a reality and the Local Authority has asked us to share information about the EU Settlement scheme. Specifically, the need to ensure that EU and Swiss citizens living in the UK are aware of the need to apply to the scheme. If you think this may apply to you please follow the link below for more information.

Cool & Wintry Weather

It's November and those chilly and sometimes damp days are truly with us now. Can you please ensure that your child has a warm and waterproof coat with them each day. When we can, we will get the children out onto the playground for fresh air and exercise.

Also, as we have mentioned in previous newsletters and as part of our Risk Assessment, we need to keep doors and windows open. So, if you want to send your child into school with an extra layer of clothing - eg a t-shirt or a skin - please do so.

Library Books

We still have 131 library books outstanding across school. This equates to approximately £785 of school money that we will have to spend on replacing the books, as we loan them from Lancashire Library Services. The school budget is already incredibly tight and even more so with the additional expenses Covid has brought to us. If you have had a text saying you child’s library book is outstanding, please have a really good look at home and if you can’t locate it please pay the lost book fee that has been allocated on school money. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Remote Learning

If your child is absent from school, there are home learning packs available for collection. These are closely linked with work that the other children in school will be doing. We expect that your child will spend between 3-4 hours on school work per day. We would like to provide daily written feedback about your child’s work so that we can encourage and advise. Please send in daily photographs of what work they have completed to the relevant email address:

  • Reception : avondalerec@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 1 : avondale1@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 2 : avondale2@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 3 : avondale3@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 4 : avondale4@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 5 : avondale5@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk
  • Year 6 : avondale6@avondale.blackburn.sch.uk

Dates for the Diary

Online Safety

We have recently been made aware of a suspicious vehicle near to the school at the end of the day. Please be extra vigilant when collecting children from school.

Mrs Brown, Headteacher

Thank you for reading


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