6 by Simon Afrouz and marc Trudelle

  • Prop: Paper shredder
  • Number: 6
  • Setting: White space
  • Line of dialogue: "My pen is running out of ink"

Simon: Actor, producer, cinematography

Marc: Actor, director, editor

Our film 6 shows the last few minutes of a brokerage firm covering their tracks for fraud while being investigated by the FBI. We decided to recreate the a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street. This scene shows an FBI raid occurring while one of the main characters starts to delete all information that can lead back to the company. We've included only the first half as that was our focus point.

Our film is a recreation of a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street, and expands upon a very brief scene in the movie. With our film, we wanted to use the theme of destroying evidence prior to an FBI raid.

While working behind the scenes for our film we decided to recreate a scene from any kind of film. We started to do research on famous Hollywood films and came across The Wolf of Wall Street. We decided to recreate the ending scene in our vision. At first we started to take the scene a part bit by bit , analyzing every detail, and later finished with our finished product.

Scene starts at 1:00

Our shotlist

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