Perfect City We are the ones!

3.Perfect city exists because perfection is the only reason our city exists. In our community no one shall judge, and no one shall break the rules.

4. Curfew is 12:00 A.m

No one is allowed to brag

People get paid the same

No one is allowed to commit treason

No one is allowed to be different

You can either ride bikes or drive cars

Punishment is very severe

No guns

No racism

No one is allowed to be outside before 5 A.m

5. Our city is located in Florida because of its year round warmth.

6.Wake up, eat/get ready, go to work, go home, free time, be asleep before 12

7.Dictatorship because One person rules so there will be no aargueing

8.You are the same so no one will judge you


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