Colorado ARAYa HOLLIMAN and braeden smith

As a state, Colorado is comparatively young. Colorado joined the union in 1876-just 100 years after the Declaration of independence. Colorado is the 38th state. It is one of the western states. Colorado is shaped like a box. It boarders several states. Colorado is a state with the population of 3,970,971. The capitol of Colorado is Denver.

Colorado's majestic peaks reach out so high that the average elevation of the state is more than a mile above sea level. Colorado has four main land regions. The Colorado platue , the Intermontane , and the Great Plains. The weather in Colorado is cold and dry . In the average Summer , the temperature is 65 degrees and the average Winter is 25 degrees.

Colorado's state fish is called the green back. The state grass is called the blue grama and the state insect is the hairstreak butterfly. The tree is the blue spruce. The flower is a white and lavender columbine.

Colorado's economy is based off the land types. Colorado's people came from many cultures. For example , Europeans , Hispanics , people from Vietnam , China , and various Asians came to Colorado.

Colorado got its name from Spanish explorers. They saw a reddish water in Colorado, they called it the Colorado river, later people choose Colorado as a state name. Since Colorado means red in Spanish.

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