Peter Getting Out of Nick's Pool, 1966 acrylic on canvas, 2.13x2.13 metres.

I have chosen "Peter getting out of Nicks pool" 1966, to be in the exhibition because it is one of Hockney's earliest pool paintings. In this picture you see a man climbing out of the pool while his lower body is still submerged under water. In the background id the beautiful and simply done house, with a few plants and pool chairs. When I first look at this painting I see the man and then I go straight to the water how it is so effortless and elegant. The colours and soft lines leave the viewer calm and relaxed. "Peter getting out of Nicks pool" is a great piece of this exhibition and shows Hockneys love for swimming pools.

Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool, 1964 acrylic on canvas, 91x1.21 cm.

I have chosen "Picture of a Hollywood swimming pool" 1964 to be in the exhibition as another on of Hockneys earlier pool paintings. In this artwork you see a blue lounge chair next to the pool, a plant and 4 faded trees in the background. Hockney used acrylic for this painting. He use so many abstract lines to create a dazzling perspective of the waters shadows and reflections. All the geometric lines leave the viewer feeling intrigued. "Picture of a Hollywood swimming pool" is a hefty piece of the exhibition as it is showing great complex

A Bigger Splash, 1967 acrylic on canvas, 2.43x2.43 m.

I have chosen " A bigger splash" 1967, to be in the exhebition as another one of Hockneys pool paintings. In this painting you see the tip of a diving board and at the end is a spectacular splash of water, in the background another one of his beautiful simple houses. The pool is so lucid and the splash is so plain it looks almost real. The reasons I love Hockneys pool paintings is because he paints most of his work so plain but so complete there is such a contrast with everything being so calm and ordered. Its so different to his other peices having everything hard edged and warm colours. " a bigger splash" is a potent piece as it is so uniform and great for the exhebition.

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972 acrylic on canvas, 2.13x3.04 m.

I have chosen " Portrait of an artist ( Pool with two figures) " 1972 to be in the exhibition as another one of Hockneys later pool paintings. In this painting you see a beautiful pool, with a man swimming underwater, you see another man standing out of the water looking in and in the background is a grand view of plants and mountains. I love how Hockney has used all sorts of detail in this piece, the detail in the clothes and hair, tiles on the floor and edges of the pool, he has even added shadows and my favourite part is how he added the sun rays reflecting at the bottom of the pool. " portrait of an artist ( pool with two figures )" is such a radiant and splendid piece for the exhibition.

Sun On The Pool Los Angeles 1982 composite polaroid, 88 x 92 cm.

I have chosen "Sun on the pool Los Angeles" 1982, to be in the exhibition. This piece is one of Hockneys photo joiners. This photo joiner is peculiar and interesting, the way Hockney did this work was he took polaroids of the ground all around the pool and of the pool and then he lined them all up. What I love about this work is there is so many perspectives of the way you can look at it, when you only look at the pool the work looks like its birds eye view but when you look at the top row of photos the work is like we are looking horizontal at the pool. "Sun on the pool Las Angeles" is an effective piece for the exhibitions as it shows a beautiful pool in such a different way instead of a painting.

Schwimmbad Mitternacht (Paper Pool 11), 1978 colored and pressed paper pulp, 1.82x 2.15 m.

I have chose "Schwimmbad Mitternacht (Paper pool 11 ) " 1978 , for the exhibition because it is such a creative design. This artwork is made from paper pulp which is basically soft and shredded up paper. Hockney got coloured paper pulp and pressed it in the way to make up this charming art that looks like the lights shining in a pool at night time. Hockney used lots of cool tones and making the diving board and the background black lets us know its night time. I love the way Hockney used different shades of blue to make the pool look like the lights are in. "Schwimmbad Mitternacht" is a stunning piece for the exhibition as it is the only pool art Hockney did of a pool at night.

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